Heat Stroke: Heat stroke can fail your heart, kidney and liver, recognize the body’s alert like this

In the month of June, after the temperature nears 40, there is a scorching heat, due to which cases of heat stroke or heatstroke are being reported in the hospitals. However, many people who are victims of heat stroke due to working or being outside in the afternoon heat, take it lightly and later get surrounded by serious diseases. According to health experts, heatstroke or heat stroke is causing many serious diseases. If heat stroke is not treated in time, it can lead to heart, kidney and liver failure as well as coma, brain swelling, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), metabolic dysfunction, nerve damage. Damage) etc. At the same time, it does not take much time for these diseases to arise after heat stroke.

Dr. Sunil M Raheja, Medical Superintendent, GB Pant Hospital, Delhi It is said that heatstroke or heat illness is very common in this scorching summer season. Due to the heat, many problems can occur. Usually in the beginning, people may have problems with muscle cramps, abdominal pain, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, etc. At the same time, as the problem progresses, the body temperature can rise to 104-105 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling system inside the body stops working, due to which there can be many problems.

Dr. Raheja says that the body gives alerts when there is heat stroke or heat stroke. Along with high fever in the body, other symptoms of heat stroke start appearing and it is known that the condition of the patient is deteriorating. In such a situation, if that alert is not recognized and treated in time, then any important part of the body can get damaged. Due to heat stroke, brain, heart, kidney, liver or any other organ can fail. The patient can go into a coma. His blood pressure may drop. The most important thing is that as soon as the patient’s body temperature rises more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer season, only then treatment should be started considering him as a patient of heat stroke.

As soon as these symptoms appear, be careful
, In this season there is a fever of more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit and it increases.
, Feeling like a cramp or twitch in the stomach or muscles.
, The person becomes restless and starts losing his ability to think.
, Red spots start appearing on the skin.
, Energy gets exhausted in the body, BP gets low, patient gets tired.
, There is loss of water in the patient’s body and vomiting.
, Headache, fainting or seizures.
, Breathing and heartbeat go fast.
, Inability to urinate at all or do not pass urine for a long time.

Heart, kidney and liver are affected like this
Due to heat stroke, the flow or speed of blood in the body decreases, due to which the heart has to exert more strength to transport blood to other parts of the body and bring the body to the right temperature. This increases the pressure on the heart and increases the chances of heart failure. At the same time, during this time there is a lack of water in the body, due to which the blood pressure starts falling. Kidney function starts decreasing due to fall in blood pressure. Due to heat illness, many metabolic systems working on it start shutting down. Muscle tissue breaks down and there is a risk of kidney failure. Apart from this, the risk of kidney failure also increases immediately after heart failure or shock. Along with this, the patient can go into a coma or there may be a complaint of swelling in the brain.

Do this first thing in heat stroke
Dr. Raheja says that if someone has suffered a heat stroke or has a heat stroke, then the people around need to understand it and take action immediately. Immediately take the patient to a cool place. You can pour cold water over it or bathe it immediately. Make the patient lie down in such a place, where there is a cooler or AC. Reduce clothes on his body and wear loose clothes. Along with this, he should be given cold water, ORS solution or lemonade, coconut water, bael or seasonal fruit juice to drink immediately, so that dehydration can be controlled. If the patient is nervous, restless or has any other unusual movements and shows any worrying symptoms, take them to the doctor immediately, as delay in the cases of heat stroke can cause major shock to the patient and major damage to the body Maybe.

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