Height of children is not increasing, start feeding these 6 foods immediately, height will increase rapidly, will remain fit


The growth of the child’s height depends on the jeans to a great extent.
Physical development can be increased by including soya milk, curd, fruits, eggs etc.

All the parents wish that their child should have good stature. His personality should be such that he can be seen in the crowd from far away. Often, the height of some children is very good, while the height of some does not grow quickly, even if the height of the parents is good. Sometimes the physical development of children depends on their height and genes. If the height of the parents is good then it is certain that the child will be tall. But, many times this does not happen. Some children do not grow properly and they remain small in height as compared to their other siblings. The reason for this can be due to genes as well as not eating properly.

Children should start feeding them essential things from six months after birth, which helps in their physical development. Also, parents should pay attention to their lifestyle. If the child will not be physically active, will not play, will not jump, will not exercise and will not take a healthy diet rich in nutritious elements, then it can have a negative effect on his height to a great extent. If your child’s height is not increasing, do not worry and include some such foods in their diet, which prove to be effective in increasing height.

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what to feed to increase the height of children

Include green vegetables in the diet- If your child’s height is not increasing, then start feeding him nutritious food. For this, feed him all kinds of vegetables. If the child does not want to eat, then cook some food in such a way that it becomes strong enough to eat. Feed greens in green vegetables. Knead it in flour and feed it to puri, paratha. Paratha can also be made by boiling vegetables and mixing them with flour. Bone density increases with the consumption of green vegetables. This can increase the length quickly.

feed eggs Give the child to eat things made of eggs every day. You can also feed omelette, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs. Eggs contain the highest protein, fatty acids, which are essential for the physical development of children. This will also have many other benefits for their health. Instead of giving only bread-jam, milk in breakfast, give multigrain toast, omelette, a glass of milk. This will give them a healthy dose of protein, complex carbohydrates and calcium.

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Curd is essential Give the child a bowl of curd every day in the meal. It is a pro-biotics, which maintains the health of the stomach of the child. Curd is rich in vitamin D and calcium, which is very important for strong bones and good height.

A glass of milk every day is a must- Milk is an essential part of every child’s diet. From an early age, the child must be given two glasses of milk daily in the morning and evening. This will supply the necessary calcium, vitamin D and protein. If you want, you can also add saffron, almond powder to the milk, so that its nutritional value increases further. Instead of adding chocolate powder to milk, protein-powder can be added. For this, take the opinion of a nutritionist.

soy-Soya has the highest plant-based protein. Due to its use, the muscles of children develop rapidly. If your child is lactose intolerant, it will be difficult for him to digest milk. In such a situation, soy milk can be included in his diet for the supply of vitamin-D, calcium and protein. Make and feed some healthy things from soybean and other soy products to the children. This will not only give them many health benefits, height can also increase rapidly.

Feed fresh and seasonal fruits- Some children do not like to eat anything except one or two fruits. Fruits contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for the synthesis of proteins in the body. You have to try that the child must eat 1-2 fruits every day. This will supply multivitamins in a natural way in his body. Due to this, physical development will also be faster.

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