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‘Pushpa’, released at the end of last year, gave Indian cinema a chance to beat silver last year and welcomed 2022 with Dhanvarsha at the box office. But the last month of 2022 did not succeed in giving a gift to Hindi cinema. There were chances that the pair of director Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh would rock the box office with ‘Cirkus’, but it did not happen. The tadka of the comedy did not succeed at all in bringing the audience to the silver screen in the numbers that were expected from it. On the other hand, Hollywood movie ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ has not only taken steps towards making new records of earning, but has also knocked on the door to enter the club of 300 crores.

Talking about the top ten Hindi films doing ‘world wide gross collection’ of this year, Dharma Productions’ ‘Brahmastra Part 1’ appears at number one, which earned 431 crores. The second number is ‘The Kashmir Files’, which managed to collect a gross of 340.92. At number three was ‘Drishyam’, which collected 326.39 crores. ‘Bhool-Bhulaiyaa 2’ (266.88 crores) on the fourth position, Gangubai Kathiawad (209.77 crores) on the fifth, ‘Radheshyam’ (151 crores) on the sixth, ‘Jugjug Jio’ (136.13 crores) on the seven, then ‘Vikram Vedha’ (135.03 crores), ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ (129.64 crores) at number nine and ‘Ramsetu’ (92.94 crores) at number ten. ‘Radheshyam’ was Prabhas and Pooja Hegde’s film, so it should be considered as South, but its Hindi version was released by T-Series and Bhushan Kumar.

Bollywood dies in front of South

This is what happened in Hindi cinema i.e. Bollywood. Now if we assess the entire Indian cinema, then in terms of earning, Bollywood movies seem to be dying in front of South’s films. According to the rating of IMDb, the top box office rating film of the year 2022 earned 1278.2 crores. This film was Sandalwood i.e. ‘KGF 2’ of Kannada cinema, the second number was Tollywood i.e. Telugu cinema’s ‘RRR’ which broke the record of 1155.6 crores. Kollywood (Tamil cinema) captured the third number by earning 523.70 crores, the film was ‘PS-I’. At the fourth place was ‘Vikram’ of Tamil, which earned 446.50. Now there is an entry of Hindi film at number five, that of ‘Brahmastra’. Hindi i.e. Bollywood’s top movie comes at number five in the list of films across the country.

There was a time when Hindi films used to rule the hearts of people whether it was popularity or earning. Now the situation is such that even the earnings of top three Hindi films (1100 crores) are not able to earn equal to one film ‘KGF 2’ (1200 crores). The worldwide earnings of Aamir Khan’s film, which once ruled the box office, gets stuck at just 130 crores. Aamir’s film remained in controversies and became a victim of Boycott, it was one thing, but on the other hand, this film has also flopped due to its slow pace. Even those who reached the cinema hall by saying ‘Boycott’ were not very happy with the film.

Kannada films showed amazing

However, the film which came sixth at the box office surprised the most. This film was Sandalwood i.e. ‘Kantara’ of Kannada cinema. With its release, Kantara had caught the cine lovers of Kannada in their infatuation. The film released in theaters on 30 September was in Kannada language. Its trailer made it accessible to the people of North India. Its impact was also tremendous, so much so that its makers released its Hindi dubbed version nationwide on 14 October. There was newness in the story of ‘Kantara’, due to the amazing story telling, the film succeeded in ruling the hearts of the people. It was completely director and actor Rishabh Shetty’s film. Along with directorial skills, he also did wonders in acting. In an interview with Rishabh, Nawazuddin praises him and says that he is jealous of Rishabh. In response, the humble Rishabh says, ‘He is a fan of Nawaz.’ There is also news that the producers are sending it to the Oscars.

Here is ‘The Kashmir Files’ at seventh place, ‘Drishyam’ at eight, ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ at nine, Tamil film ‘Beast’ at ten. At number eleven is ‘Gangubai Kathiawad’ starring Alia Bhatt. Bhansali’s film may have lagged behind at the box office, but it can be happily placed in the category of Bollywood’s best films of this year. It is a strange paradox that critics of Bollywood say that they do not have good content. On the other hand, when ‘Gangubai’ comes with good and unique content, it does not get as much love as it deserves. On the contrary, the film ‘Brahmastra’ with the idea of ​​’VFX’ stolen from Hollywood earns more than double that. So.

Social drama was popular on OTT

Let’s talk about OTT as well. About 80 web series have come on OTT this year. Mention some of these. ‘Rocket Boys’ is a web series released at the beginning of the year on Sony Liv. It focuses on the biographies of Homi J Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai who gave the country its first rocket. ‘Four More Shots Please Season 3’ is the story of four women. This drama comedy romance webseries is streamed on Prime Video. The ‘Panchayat 2’ webseries is as popular as the first series. This series made on a rural background has been successful in making a place in the hearts of the audience due to its different flavour. Bobby Deol’s Prakash Jha directed ‘Ashram Series 3’ is MX Player’s web series. The making of the third series only shows its popularity. ‘Gullak 3’ is a Sony LIV series focusing on the interesting story of a middle-class family. Set in a small town, this series is also a social drama which is watched with great interest due to its different flavor and simple looking, but different plot.

If you remember the serial ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’, then Sakshi Tanwar will also be remembered. Sakshi starrer ‘My – A Mother’s Rage’ is a family thriller drama streamed on Netflix. Rudra, a remake of the British series ‘Luther’, is a crime thriller web series that was released on Disney Hot Star. Ajay Devgan was in the title role in this. Director Sudhir Mishra’s ‘Tanav’ is a series streamed on Sony Liv, in which Arbaaz Khan was seen in the lead role.

The most liked topic on OTT is crime. In this crowd, ‘Delhi Crime’ has made its own place. ‘Delhi Crime Season 2’ is a popular series of Netflix, in which Shefali Shah is in the role of a police officer. ‘Guilty Minds’ is a legal-drama released on Amazon Prime Video. Two years ago a good web series titled ‘Illegal’ also came on the courtroom drama.

All eyes on the coming year

Bollywood, which once ruled the hearts of the country, is not only troubled by the films of the South, but has also divided into a group of filmmakers, some ‘outspoken’ and some ‘silent’. Due to this, he seems to be a victim of deep depression. Controversy and Boycott’s appeal seems to be going hand in hand with Bollywood. The last year had passed like this, it is clearly visible that the beginning of the coming year will be like this. Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’ and the appeal of Boycott of his song ‘Besharam Rang’ is echoing in the world. Despite the protests, the song has got crores of views within a few days, it remains to be seen whether the famous movie ‘Pathan’, which is going to release in the first month of the year, feeds some ‘Gul’ or its electricity is also going to be ‘Gul’? The result will come on 25 January 2023, this is the last date for the supreme verdict of the audience.

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