Honey rich in nutrients and sweetness immediately increases energy in the body, you will be surprised to know interesting things related to it


Xhodram honey has been considered beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.
Regular consumption of honey in the morning is very beneficial.

Honey Fun Facts And History: Among the sweet foods, honey is one such diet that is a natural source of instant energy boost in the body. Honey obtained from honey bees not only contains many types of vitamins, minerals, but it is also rich in antioxidants and aminos. It is such an important element that it has been praised with reverence in the major scriptures of the world.

India has squeezed the ‘juice’ of honey thousands of years ago. It is used in hundreds of medicines of Ayurveda. Today we will know interesting things related to honey.

Man learned the first taste of sweetness from honey

You will be surprised that honey is the only food in the whole world that is prepared by insects and can be eaten by insects and humans. There is no other food item like this in the world. When man was born on this earth, honey was the most reliable source of sweetness for him. Honey is a readily available commodity these days, but the astonishing fact is that bees have to collect pollen from about two million flowers to get one pound (about half a kilo) of honey. For this, their flight is of thousands of kilometers. All animals including humans can taste honey but cats cannot taste it because they lack test receptors. Honey is so important in life that when a child is born, he is fed honey and when a man dies, honey is poured into his mouth.

Cats cannot taste honey due to lack of test receptors.

Praise in the world’s revered scriptures

Honey is reverently described in all the major religions of the world. In Hinduism, honey is one of the five foods used in worship/religious rituals. Honey is also an element in Panchagavya. It is also glorified in the Vedas and Puranas. In the Puranas, the blue color of Lord Vishnu and Krishna has been associated with the bee. The Bible says in the scripture of Christians ‘O my son, eat honey, it is good. Just as the honey of a honeycomb is sweet on the tongue, so you can be sure that intelligence is good for the soul.’ There is a whole chapter in the Islamic scripture Qur’an called Al Nahal (Honey bees), which strongly recommends honey for healing and other issues. Honey is considered a nutritious and healthy food in the texts. Honey plays an important role in the festival ‘Madhu Purnima’ celebrated in Buddhism.

Honey fun facts

Honey is reverently described in all the major religions of the world.

For thousands of years the fly has been ‘humming’, producing honey

It is useless to give information on the origin of honey because honey bees have been ‘buzzing’ all over the world for thousands of years and flowers are also ‘blooming and smelling’. It can only be said that from where the first information (proof) of honey was found, its origin was assumed. For example, the first record of honey being found is believed to be in ancient Egypt around 3500 BC. There the food included honey and honey was being used for mummification. By the way, a rock-painting found on a stone in Spain has declared it more ancient. There, a cave painting found in Valencia’s Cuevas de la Arana depicts a man laboriously collecting honey. It has been called man of bicorp. This cave is believed to be 8000 years old. There is also a description of honey in the Vedas written in 2000-3000 BC, honey was popular in China also in 2000 BC. It is also said that in 323 BC, Alexander’s body was kept in a bucket of honey to be transported from Babylon to Macedonia (about 1800 miles away).

Amazing information about it in Ayurvedic texts

In the ancient Ayurvedic texts of India, the exploratory information and properties of honey are described in detail. All these texts were written 2000 years ago. In Vagbhata’s ‘Ashtangahridayam’, honey is used to clean and heal wounds. It is also useful against various internal and external infections. ,Charakasamhita‘ And ‘code of conductIn this, information and properties of eight types of honey have been given. Such information is not available in any book or book in the world. The names of these honeys are Makshikam, Bhramaram, Kshoudram, Pothikam, Chataram etc. Along with their properties, it has also been told that in which diseases they are beneficial. Surprisingly, in these, chhodram honey has been considered beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. According to these texts, honey cures vata kapha disease. Beneficial in eye diseases, piles, asthma, cough and tuberculosis. Removes blood related diseases and provides instant energy. Heals the intestines and keeps indigestion away. Honey is full of nutrition. It also prevents toxins from the body. According to texts, it is forbidden to eat honey by heating it and by doing so sometimes it can also turn into poison.

Old honey prevents obesity from constipation

Honey is still beneficial for humans. It has started being cultivated, so it is also accessible. Food Expert and Nutrition Consultant Nilanjana Singh According to this, honey is like nectar and many types of vitamins, minerals and aminos are found in it, it is also an antioxidant. Heating it can cause damage. Old honey is supposed to destroy constipation, fat and obesity. The antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties present in honey protect against all kinds of diseases. Its regular consumption in the morning is very beneficial. Honey softens the skin by providing moisture and regenerates the damaged skin and heals the wounds.

It is better not to consume hot honey

They say that honey has such properties that it brings out the frozen phlegm in pieces. Honey helps in flushing out the food that is not digested in the stomach, which causes toxicity. It is also a great feature that honey increases gastric fire, due to which food is easily digested. Also, the nutrients present in it also do not bother the body.

honey fun facts

Hot honey is considered very harmful in Ayurveda.

If loose motions are happening then its consumption benefits. It also protects the body from air pollution. The special thing is that hot honey is considered very harmful in Ayurveda, but nowadays hot honey is being used a lot in Chinese and continental food. We believe that it is better to avoid hot.

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