How is the attitude of people towards doctors after Corona, Dr. Vinay is telling

National Doctor’s Day 2022: Doctors or doctors in our country have always been considered as another form of God. There has already been a sense of respect for the doctors who give new life to patients suffering from serious and incurable diseases, but in the last two years, doctors have come out in a different role in the Corona epidemic. While thousands of people lost their loved ones in the Corona epidemic, there are millions of people who saw themselves and their families coming back from the mouth of death due to doctors. In such a situation, the behavior of people towards doctors has also changed a lot. According to the doctors themselves, whether the doctor is government or private, allopathy, homeopathy or Ayurveda has been associated with anyone, the attitude of people towards them has changed after Kovid.

Dr. Vinay D, Infectious Disease Specialist at Apollo Hospital Bangalore It is said that since Corona, people have increased confidence in the ability of doctors to diagnose and treat diseases. In this Google savvy generation, while people try to identify their serious diseases by reading online on their own, since Corona they have come to know about the disadvantages of self-diagnosis and people associated with health care have access to the right treatment. The trend of going without any hesitation has increased.

Allopathy, Homeopathy whether Ayurveda, people’s inclination towards doctors increased
Not only this, people’s inclination towards people associated with Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga and other traditional medicines, who advise people to prevent diseases, has also increased rapidly. People have come to know the importance of regular health check-ups. People are now preferring to consult doctors to find out the risk of other infectious diseases like corona. People are becoming aware about their health. There has also been an understanding among people about chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension.

Doctors have increased confidence in vaccination
Dr. Vinay says that after Corona, doctors related to other departments have also increased their confidence in vaccination. This is the reason why doctors have encouraged their patients a lot to vaccinate their patients even regarding corona vaccination. Whereas infectious disease doctors were struggling a lot for the last three decades. These two years of the Corona era have increased the understanding, acceptance and awareness of people about vaccination, especially among adults.

People reaching out to medical experts on virtual platform
For the first time after Corona, health has become a big issue on the public platform. Common people have increased their knowledge about diseases and health measures by using online platforms. Here people have direct communication with doctors, experts. diseases are understood. Measures to prevent diseases and ways to make the health system better have also been learned, the direct effect of which is visible in the relationship between doctors and patients and better care of patients.

Doctors aware of their health
Usually doctors are lazy about their health, but after suffering themselves, seeing patients battling, watching the deaths very closely during the corona period, they have become aware of themselves. Are you ready to make changes in your lifestyle? Not only this, they have become more serious about their health.

these things affected
Dr. Vinay says that especially in the times of Corona, when the virus was also changing its form, frequent changes in its own guidelines and uncertainties made decision-making bodies like WHO and ICMR a little less trust among the common people. However, in this situation, the continuous efforts of the doctors personally have tried to fill this lack of trust to a great extent.

Apart from this, due to the lack of regulation and a certain covid protocol in the time of Corona, many doctors handled patients without adequate training. What was its effect on the health and well being of the patients, it is not possible to say anything with certainty. But it can only be expected that the doctor keeps himself updated with everything during medical practice so that people can get better treatment.

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