How much vaccine immunity is left in the people of India? ICMR scientist told what would be the effect if corona came from China

new Delhi. Corona has once again increased the concern. Due to the rapid increase in the cases of corona in the neighboring country of China, vigilance is being asked in India as well. Along with this, apart from advising to wear a mask, all people are being asked to get a booster dose of Corona Vaccine so that the seriousness of the disease can be avoided. Significantly, after taking two doses of the vaccine, a booster dose was started to maintain immunity for a long time. The figures of the Union Health Ministry are showing that so far only 27 percent of the people in the country have taken the booster dose of the corona vaccine.

In such a situation, after the spread of corona in China, the big question for India is that if this infection comes to India, will the people who have taken both the doses of corona vaccine be safe from it? Is the vaccine immunity still present in them? As it has been said in many research and studies that the effect of the vaccine lasts for about a year, so the vaccination started in India from 2021 is going to be two years, so whether the effect of the vaccine is still left in the body or it has ended. Is?

news18 hindi on this questions Dr. Samiran Panda, Distinguished Scientist, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Former Additional Director, ICMR Has discussed in detail. He said that corona vaccination was started in India in January 2021 but phase-by-phase vaccination was done here. First of all, the vaccine was given to healthcare workers and frontline workers, then comorbid elders, then comorbid from 45 to 60 years of age and then the vaccine was given to the general public. All this took several months.

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In such a situation, about 6 months had passed before the first dose of the vaccine for the normal youth. After this, the second dose of the vaccine was applied, the interval of which was changed several times, most were given at an interval of 3 months. So all this went on till the end of the year. On the other hand, those who first got two doses of the vaccine, have also been given a booster dose this year. In such a situation, if there is a question whether immunity lasts for one year or beyond, then it is present in India, because it has not been more than a year and a half.

However, immunity regarding corona is formed in two ways, first through vaccine and second through infection. Vaccination in India is almost 100 percent and infection during Omicron is also there, because of both, hybrid or super immunity is present in people.

On the other hand, when it comes to vaccine, it is human nature that if there is any danger in front of us, then we become alert, in such a situation, as the news of corona is coming from China and in India also there are 3-4 cases of Chinese variant corona. If they have come, then the figure of getting booster dose will also increase in India and the power to fight against corona will become stronger in the bodies. This is a respiratory viral infection which can happen anytime, so keeping this in mind people should get booster dose.

Corona came from China…
Dr. Panda says that it is spreading not only in China but also in Japan, Brazil and Korea, so it can also come in India, it cannot be denied but it is not necessary that only Chinese variant will come in India, and that It will have the same effect here as it is having in China. There has neither been vaccination in China like India nor there has been immunity from infection, while hybrid immunity is present in India.

Since this is a completely new disease, which has just been discovered, it is being advised to get a shot of its vaccine every year so that even if there is a corona infection, it does not become a serious condition.

Do this to avoid getting corona infection
Dr. Samiran says that the government also issues advisories from time to time regarding Corona, as of now there is not much danger in India. But in such a situation people must wear masks. At this time it is necessary to wear a mask whenever you go out.

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