How to crack a wifi password on iphone|A legal way

Firstly you must understand that iphone is just for show off and for the person who really want to secure the data, but on the other hand for the tech lover people hate iphone the reason is that you can’t perform any action using an iphone. Mostly people also try by android.

Android is a good O.S as you can do multiple things in it which iphone is not compatible to do, so i will jut say that their is nothing impossible but if you really want to hack wifi using your iphone then it’s really a very bad idea. It’s approximately impossible to do something with an iphone. It’s important information to know so that you know what weaknesses your internet security may have.

 No way, there’s no possible way i know of from hacking router from iphone. I’ll give you a few options1 guess the password; use a special program so that it picks up the “key”; get the PIN of the device; Phishing; intercept the password. Яндекс.Директ Запчасти для ЭКГ-5А! Наладка экг 5,8 Cheap Windows VPS.

How to guess the password yourself In each method, you should initially choose the Wi-Fi with the best signal strength. Most often, users use the following combinations of numbers – “1234”, “1111”, “123123” and similar ones, as well as passwords from letters – “qwerty”, “password” and others.  located in a convenient place, but in case of failure there is a way out.

Another way to get a PIN is to use special programs. You can use, for example, CommView or Blacktrack. This option of hacking password-protected Wi-Fi is not easy. The Wi-Fi device constantly exchanges information packets between other devices that enter its range. The goal is to intercept data. You need to act through a computer or laptop with powerful hardware, having a Wi-Fi card with the Monitor mode function.

Create a bootable disk or a USB flash drive with the distribution of packet capture software, install the shell on the PC. Select a network, and then wait out the process of intercepting about 10,000 packets. First, the program will issue a PIN, and then a password. by MAC addresses. This is a specific identifier for each device. You can find out the allowed MAC addresses using a special program. For example, Airdump-ng. Video: Having learned the white list of “identifiers”, we change ours.

To do this, you need to open the “Control Panel”, click “Network and Sharing Center”, then select “Change network adapter settings”. Select the required network connection, go to “Properties”. Configure the network – enter the MAC address of 12 characters. Next, restart, and voila, everything worked out. Phishing Phishing is one of the methods of online fraud. It allows you to trick the user into obtaining a username and password. connect or pay for your own internet.

You can connect to free wireless internet (Wi-Fi): on the streets within the Garden Ring, as well as in some other places of the greatest congestion within the Third Transport Ring, in some parks, in houses of culture, libraries, Moschino cinemas, museums, student hostels (free wi-fi cards and you can find on the open data portal); in public transport: in metro and Moscow Central Circle (MCC) trains, in buses, electric buses, trolleybuses and trams (the presence of a network is indicated by appropriate stickers), as well as at city passenger transport stops.

How do I connect to free Wi-Fi on the metro or ground transportation?

connect to the MT_FREE Wi-Fi network from any device; in the address bar of the browser, enter the address:; choose Registration is possible: with the help of your account on the portal of state services of the Russian Federation. You will need a login and password; by phone number. The access code will come in an SMS message. “\u003e method of registration on the portal. In the future, to use the Internet, you just need to select the MT_FREE network and click the “Enter the Internet” button on the portal. To quickly connect to the MT_F

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