How to keep the body warm in minimum clothes in winter, Prof of Human Physiology. Christopher Minson explains the ways


At the University of Oregon, Prof. According to Christopher Minson, the body can be trained for cold.
Normally the core body temperature should be 36.5 degree Celsius. It is not difficult to maintain it.

Train your Body for Winter To avoid winter, people wear many warm clothes on top of each other so that their body temperature remains at the right level and they avoid getting sick. If you too have to do the same these days and you are annoyed by being packed in many layers of clothes, then this news is for you only. Today, quoting experts, we are telling you how you can train your body to stay comfortable in the cold with minimal clothes.

Normally the core body temperature should be 36.5 degree Celsius. Maintaining it is not such a difficult task. If we look at the situation 10-15 years ago or even at present, then a large population of the country does not have ACs in their homes which heat the room as well. Nor is central heating system available in every office. At the same time, excessive use of heaters or AC can cause great harm not only to us but also to the environment. In India, the temperature generally falls by 3 to 4 degree Celsius. If we look at Britain or European countries, we will find that there is generally such a temperature. Still, the people there come out comfortably in very few clothes. Let us understand how this happens.

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Why does it start getting colder?
Christopher Minson, Professor of Human Physiology at the University of Oregon, says that the human body can be gradually trained for the bitter cold. He says that nowadays people have become quite thermostatic. People use heaters in homes, so now the systems that keep cars and buses warm are being used indiscriminately. At the same time, central heating systems are also used in many offices. This is not good for our health. We are forgetting the normal ways of keeping our body warm. Due to this, our body is not getting ready to shield itself against the decreasing temperature. We have started using more and more unnatural methods to keep ourselves warm.

Pro. According to Christopher Minson, we are getting used to keeping our body warm in winter in unnatural ways.

How does our body stay warm?
Minson says that the human body is made of water and flesh. Our metabolic rate ie metabolic rate keeps us warm. We generate energy through our metabolic rate. Everyone’s body is different. That’s why different people have to work more or less to maintain the core temperature of their body. In general, men have slightly more muscles than women. This helps men to keep their body a little warm. Actually, having more muscles increases the metabolic rate. Depending on the metabolic rate, some people feel cold more and some feel less cold.

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Why do we feel the need for warm clothes?
Christopher says that there is always hope for a solution for every problem. Age is also a big reason for feeling more or less cold. Actually, as our age increases, our metabolic rate decreases. The central regulator of controlling the temperature in our body is in the hypothalamus. It receives temperature signals through our skin, muscles, organs and tissues. Even if our blood temperature is 36.5 degree Celsius, based on the signal received from other sensors, it tells that the outside temperature is falling. Due to this, our skin shrinks slightly so that the heat of our blood remains. The response to the signal received by the hypothalamus is that we press our hands to the side or wear more clothes.

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Professor Minson learned to live in only one T-shirt even in the bitter cold within a few weeks of effort.

Can there be a trend for less clothes in winter?
Now the question arises that can we train our body to live comfortably even in less clothes even in bitter cold? Professor Minson has been experimenting on himself for a long time. He says that as the winter progressed, the layers of his clothes kept increasing. At the same time, some of his colleagues used to reach office only in T-shirts. In such a situation, he started wearing less clothes by copying his colleagues. He says in the beginning he thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s so cold’, but in less than a week his body learned to live in the cold. Within a few weeks, I started going to office on a bike wearing only a T-shirt in the cold and I didn’t even feel cold.

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How did Minson trend with the help of cold water?
Minson is fond of taking very cold water shower today. He started it with just 15 seconds of cold shower. After this it was taken for 30 seconds, then for 1 minute. Within just a month, he started feeling less cold. In fact, while completing this process, my sensors started telling the mind about the outside temperature that the core temperature of the body will remain in such less clothes as compared to the outside temperature and there is no danger to the body due to such cold.

How does food and workout keep the body warm?
Professor Christopher Minson says that even if you work sitting all day, you will feel more cold. So, if you do a workout for 45 minutes before work, your body will remain warm for the next 2 hours and you will not feel cold. This will also increase your muscles, due to which your metabolic rate will also increase and the body will feel less cold. ‘The Guardian’ According to the report, Minson says that food also increases the metabolic rate of the body for a few hours. In these too, the system has to work more to digest some foods. He says that fats and proteins give more heat to the body. Apart from this, the body temperature also increases by eating sugar or drinking something sweet.

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