How to play India lottery

How to play India lottery login?

Visit the Official Play India Lottery website, you can see “Free Account” button below of the website, click that button and create a free account.

After that go to the “User Login” page and login with your user name and password, Now you can play the game with your on risk.

How to play India lottery online? (Play India lottery Kaise Khele?)

– Create a free account and login with your username and password.

– Three types of game you can play (Ander, Bahar, Jodi) from morning 9am to evening 9pm.

– Every 15 minutes game results are available.

– Andar, Bahar ticket price is Rs. 11/-, If you win you will get Rs. 100/-

– Jodi ticket price is Rs.1.1/- If you are win the game you will get Rs.100/-

– In the game of Andar and Bahar A B C D E F Series and 0 to 9 numbers, Select draw time and Play.

Play India lottery timeout

Draw Time: Every day Morning 9:00AM to 9:00PM you can play the game, First draw time 9 am then after fifteen minutes next draw (eg: 9:15am, 9:30, 9:45).


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