If you are not going out on New Year’s Eve, then newly married couples should celebrate New Year at home like this.


You can make the new year memorable by giving 23 gifts to each other.
You can plan to sit together and play a fun game.

New Year Celebration ideas for newly married couple: Now only a few days are left for the new year to come. To celebrate the new year, people start planning in advance. Especially those who are newly married, they are very excited about the couples New Year Eve. Some newly wed couples go to a hill station to celebrate the new year, while others party with family and friends. We go for dinner in restaurants, watch movies, organize dance parties. There are also some newly wed couples who like to celebrate New Year by staying with each other. If you are also among those couples who have got married recently and want to enjoy New Year by staying at home with your partner, then we are telling you some great ideas. You can celebrate New Year 2023 with these romantic ideas.

This is how newly wed couples celebrate New Year at home

The year 2023 is about to begin, so both of you can make the new year memorable by giving not one or two, but 23 gifts to make each other feel special. You should include everything in the gifts that the partner likes. Believe me, they will jump with joy seeing so many gifts.

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When you are giving so many gifts, do not give them together, rather hide them somewhere in the house and ask your partner to find them. Along with New Year’s greetings, you can also write some lovely messages. They will always remember this way of giving your gift and celebrating New Year.

If it is New Year’s celebration then how can the evening celebration be complete without some wonderful dishes. Plan some special dinner together. In this, you can also make things of each other’s choice. Make preparations for making dinner in the day itself, so that your evening is not spent in the kitchen.

If you do not want to go out and celebrate the party, then plan a midnight picnic at your home. You can decorate your house terrace, balcony or garden with beautiful lighting. There, you can dance together in light music by putting a table and a chair. You can also enjoy dinner sitting here.

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Everyone takes some or the other resolution in the new year. If you are also thinking of taking some resolution then share it with your partner. Together, you can also take a resolution for the coming year, as you will support each other in every situation. There will be no lack of trust between you, you will do future planning together etc.

If you are going to celebrate the New Year party at home, then after having dinner together, you can watch a favorite movie. By reducing the lighting of your room, you can sit together and watch those films which have been released this year. Those films which you have been planning to watch for many months, but could not watch till date due to being busy with work. It would also be a good idea to watch a comedy, romantic film on this occasion.

You can also plan to sit together and play a fun game. Play a game with each other that is fun and that you enjoy playing. Apart from playing board games, carromboard, ludo, video games, you can explore some different game ideas on the net.

Like you, any of your friends have also got married recently and they are also going to celebrate New Year by staying at home, so you can invite them to your home. When all your friends sit together, the fun of New Year party celebration will be doubled.

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