If you get a new film, first 500 rupees. Anupam Kher kept giving Gurudakshina to Mahesh Bhatt


Anupam has been calling himself Arjun and Krishna to Mahesh Bhatt in Kurukshetra of life
Still both were determined by Anupam’s political rhetoric

Anupam Kher, who did a brilliant film like ‘Saaransh’ at the beginning of his career, is considered to be one of the best actors in the film industry. It is a different matter, that in the last few years, he was in more discussion about his statements. Anupam Kher has also accepted that due to his stand, he had a dispute with filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. He always considers Mahesh Bhatt as his ‘godfather’. In cinema, we consider our father as our guru. Before each of his films, he has been giving Rs 500 as Gurudakshina.

Anupam has given the title ‘Gurujan’ to the fourth part of his book – “Unknown Lessons of Life – An Autobiography”. First of all, he has mentioned Mahesh Bhatt. He has been called his ‘godfather’. He also wrote that after the release of ‘Saaransh’, whenever he did any film, he used to give Rs 500 to Mahesh Bhatt first as gurudakshina. Later this amount was also increased.

Could not do many films of Bhatt due to busyness
Anupam Kher has written in the book that there came a time when he became very busy. Mahesh Bhatt had to make films without him. Anupam Kher writes – “Still I have not given up the tradition of giving him Rs 500 as Gurudakshina, starting with Rs 500 and later giving him more to work in my new film…” He also writes that when Mahesh Bhatt When he used to come to Anupam’s school, he kept giving twenty thousand rupees as a respect for him. Further, Anupam Kher has clarified that Mahesh Bhatt did not need this money. Still, he used to publicly say – “First give my money.” Anupam writes – “For me it is a tradition, an important ceremony, which makes me feel close to him.”

The special thing is that in this chapter Anupam Kher has written about his father and grandfather. He has also written that he always remembered Dada ji to play his role in Saaransh. Here he has also written that grandfather shaped his personality. He writes – “By keeping my grandfather at the center of my character and Mahesh Bhatt taking inspiration from UG Krishnamurthy, we worked to add multi-dimensional layers to the character of Biwi Vardhan.”

argument with rhetoric
Anupam Kher has also written that when he became a part of the Indian Anti-Corruption Movement in 2011. Later, when the Prime Minister started speaking out loud about the policies and programs of Modi, then one day there was a dispute with Mahesh Bhatt.

Priyadarshan’s book ‘Bharat Ki Ghadi’ is a living story of India being built before our eyes

After that Mahesh Bhatt told him – “You are completely wrong. You have completely changed. You are no longer what you used to be.” He also replied to Mahesh Bhatt – “This is what progress means… .. I have to change, because on some issues today I do not feel the way I used to.”

Bhatt asked to remove the line of Arjun Krishna
Anupam Kher writes that getting angry with this controversy, Mahesh Bhatt said- “Remove the line that you have put in your drama about me. Where you say that if life is the war of Kurukshetra, then I am Arjun and Mahesh Bhatt is Krishna. Anupam has mentioned in his answer that he refused. They will not remove this line under any circumstances.

Further, he has also made it clear that this controversy had no effect on his respect for Mahesh Bhatt. He writes – “… I want to make it clear that this has nothing to do with my respect for him. I always look up to him as my mentor, my guide and my father in cinema. They will remain the same.

Further, Anupam Kher has told how in 2017, while talking to Mahesh Bhatt while doing a TV interview, then after that there was a balance in the relationship between the two. At the end of the discussion of Mahesh Bhatt, he writes – “….. I can go on talking about him continuously.”

Book- Unknown Lessons of Life An Autobiography Anupam Kher
Writer- Anupam Kher
Publisher- Hind Pocket Books

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