If you want to avoid a painful accident while taking a lift, then remember these 9 safety tips


Avoid putting your hand in the middle to stop the lift.
If any technical issue is detected in the lift then inform the maintenance office.

A very painful incident has come to light in Jaipur (Rajasthan). A young man named Kushagra Mishra died after falling from the 11th floor while taking the lift. Actually, when Kushagra pressed his button to call the lift, the lift did not come to the floor, but the door of the lift opened. In haste, he started going inside the lift without looking and he died after falling in the shaft of the lift (11th floor). In such a situation, it is very important that you be careful while using the lift. Sometimes the lift stops suddenly, due to a technical fault. The lift stops even when the light goes off. In such a situation, the weak hearted get very nervous. Some people also feel suffocated in the closed lift.

Lift facility is available in every high-rise building from the 5th floor onwards, as it is not possible for the people living in 20-25 storey buildings to get up and down every day. Especially, for the elderly and women. In such a situation, people use lifts, but it is also important to take care of the maintenance of the lift installed in these high rise buildings. Such accidents often happen in the lift of an old building. It is very important to get the lift maintenance done from time to time. If the technical flaws in the lift are rectified immediately, then such accidents can be averted to a great extent. It is very important to pay attention to the maintenance, maintenance of lifts in old societies, government offices, multi-storey buildings etc.

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Take these precautions while using the lift

Even if you are getting late, do not use the lift in a hurry. Press the lift button and then look right after the door opens, only then go inside. Many times people do not pay attention to these things even while talking on the phone and accidents happen.

Before entering the lift, see if there are more people already in it. Overloading can also cause technical problems in the lift, the lift can stop in the middle.

If you are alone in the lift and the lift suddenly stops in the middle, do not panic. If there is an alarm button in the lift, press it. Some lifts also have a helpline number written on it. If this number is written in your lift then call on it. With this the security guard of the society can help you.

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-If you are stuck in the lift, do not press the button again and again to steer it. Sometimes the lift does not stop on the floor where it should stop and starts going down. Even this scares people. Even in this situation, do not press the button again and again, otherwise there may be some other technical fault in the lift.

If you feel any fault, technical issue while using the lift, then immediately inform the guard or the maintenance office of the society. With this, the maintenance and technical defects of the lift can be corrected in time, so that no accident occurs.

Today’s youth put their hands in the middle to stop the lift. It is very wrong to do so. This can hurt your hands, bones can also be fractured. If you are going to the lift, then stand calmly and do not jump inside it.

Those who are afraid of going in the lift, do not let them go alone. Have a member of the house with you. Especially, never send the elderly and children alone.

Do not smoke inside the lift. Smoke in closed elevators can cause people to feel suffocated and have difficulty in breathing. There may be a cough. If the patient of asthma is in lift, then this situation can be very harmful for him.

Follow all the guidelines, rules written in the lift. Do not tamper with the CCTV cameras installed inside the lift.

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