If you want to avoid deadly disease like cancer, then start this work in the new year itself, you will always be tension free.


Bad eating habits can cause breast, colon, uterine cancer.
Getting regular cancer screening is a very smart decision.

Tips to prevent cancer: According to the World Health Organisation, 1.93 crore cancer patients in the world reach the hospital for treatment every year. Of these, 10 lakh people die every year due to various types of cancer. Cancer is still the most dangerous disease today. People shudder on hearing the name of cancer. No one wants someone in their family to have cancer. But according to experts, most of the cancer cases can be avoided. We ourselves are responsible for most of the cancer. The way we consider cancer as a stigma and shy away from discussing this disease is even more dangerous. Actually, genes, lifestyle and environment are mainly responsible for cancer. Collective responsibility is necessary to avoid cancer caused by environmental causes. But due to lifestyle related reasons, we can protect ourselves.

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ht According to the news of Dr. Amit Verma, Molecular Oncology and Cancer Geneticist at the Cancer Institute, “Cancer is an ageing-related disease for which many genes, lifestyle and environmental factors are responsible. Some of these risks can be avoided. That is, if you can remove these risks from your life, then many cancers can be avoided. This is called primary prevention or primary prevention. Dr. Amit Verma says that most of the cigarettes, alcohol and tobacco are responsible for cancer. Due to these dirty habits, there are many types of cancer including neck, lungs, bladder, liver. Leaving these bad habits can reduce the risk of many types of cancer. Dr. Amit Verma told that lifestyle affects the BMI of the body and wrong eating habits can lead to breast, colon, uterine cancer. For this it is very important to control BMI. Simply put, the risk of most types of cancer can be reduced by improving your daily routine.

cancer prevention tips

get regular checkups
Since early signs of cancer are difficult to understand, it is a very smart decision to have regular cancer screenings. Breast, Cervical, Colorectal cancer can be detected much earlier with screening.

Human papillomavirus is responsible for cervical cancer in women. For this, if the vaccine is taken at an early age, then there will never be a disease of cervical cancer. Hepatitis B vaccination reduces the risk of liver cancer.

secure connection
Human papillomavirus causes cervical cancer and throat cancer. This can also cause infection on the tonsils and tongue. This virus can also be spread through unprotected sex. That’s why making a safe relationship can avoid many types of cancer. Hepatitis B and C can also be avoided by safe sex. If there is no hepatitis disease, then the risk of liver cancer is greatly reduced.

regular exercise
Regular exercise ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour will save you from the risk of not only cancer but many other diseases. Regular exercise will not increase BMI ie obesity and when obesity does not increase, the body will automatically protect itself from many diseases. That’s why do exercise daily. There is no need to go to the gym for exercise. Running, walking, swimming, cycling is right for this.

healthy diet
The kind of fruits and vegetables that nature has given in the season, consume them only. Stay away from unhealthy diet. Means do not eat high fat food, processed food, excess salt, too sweet things. Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.

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