If you want to enjoy delicious continental food and drinks, then visit ‘Bistro 57’ in Kamala Nagar, watch VIDEO

Delhi, the capital of the country, has progressed a lot in terms of food and drink. Once very traditional and simple food items were available in this city, but a lot has changed in the last 10-15 years. Now the food and drink of all the states of India are available here, the food of other countries of the world will also be easily available to eat. Today we are taking you to one such outlet, whose continental food and drinks are making a splash. If you reach this outlet at night, it will feel like a youth festival is going on. This outlet was started by a young man as a startup with his friend, faced many difficulties, but became successful. Today they have many such outlets in North India.

Outlet decorated with colorful bottles

Kamla Nagar market is considered to be the ‘Connaught Place’ of North Delhi. It is also famous because Delhi University and its affiliated colleges are adjacent to this market, so apart from the common buyers, day and night, there is a movement of youth here. To woo such young people, many great and tasteful food outlets have opened in the market, including this Bistro 57.

This outlet is named after a French restaurant.

This outlet is open in Chatori Lane behind McDonald’s on Bangle Road in this market. Its texture is different. It is as if you have come upon a small restaurant in an old street in the West. There are different lights, colorful bottles in color and there is a support of smart artisans.

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long list of dishes

This outlet is named after a small French restaurant that serves home-cooked food, so is the menu of this restaurant. There are about a dozen cold coffees, a similar number of hot coffees, plenty of ice cream and flavored shakes, and a variety of pasta, pizza and grill sandwiches to eat. Whatever you eat, it will be absolutely fresh and will give taste as per its name.

continental foods

More than a dozen cold coffee, hot coffee, pasta, grill sandwiches are available here.

Indian flavor is not forcibly added to any dish, everything is original and original. The special thing is that everything will be prepared in front of you and the fun of watching it will be different, the taste is good and wonderful.

Cold coffee is in great demand

Young people come to this outlet and eat everything, but the most in demand is cold coffee filled with different flavors and garlic toast in the food. Order any cold coffee, absolutely cold and full of different flavours. Its taste and coolness will be seen descending in the heart. The cheese stuffed over the garlic toast and the special masala exudes fragrance when you come to it, you will feel like eating the whole toast in one bite. Apart from this, eat pasta or pizza, a different taste will be seen spreading.

continental foods

The drinks cost between Rs 40 to Rs 200, while the cost of food ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 250.

Nowadays there is a lot of demand for ice tea. These dishes are not heavy on the pocket either. Drinks range from Rs 40 to Rs 200, while food costs Rs 60 to Rs 250.

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Youth’s hard work showed color

This outlet was started in the year 2015 by Ankit Agarwal along with his friend and head chef Sameer Rawat. Ankit, who had studied MBA from London, had earlier opened a similar restaurant as a startup in the area with his friend in 2010 as a startup, but had to close during the ceiling drive. During this, an attempt was made to open the restaurant again 7-8 times, but it did not work. Both the friends did not give up. Today this restaurant is earning a name, as well as now 25 outlets are running in North India with the same name.
With the help of their friends, well-educated staff and new technology, they are now trying to move forward. This outlet opens at 10 in the morning and remains here till 10 in the night. There is no holiday. There are two metro stations around here, Vishwavidyalaya and Pulbangash, but have to bring a rickshaw.

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