If you want to enjoy samosas and delicious chutney filled with dry fruits, then reach ‘Uttam Samosa Junction’, also see VIDEO


A lot of dry fruits are added to the samosas found at ‘Uttam Samosa Junction’.
Here one samosa is available for Rs.40.

Samosas are eaten a lot in the capital of the country, Delhi. You will definitely find samosas and kachoris at confectionery shops and food and drink outlets. It is common to find spicy potato vegetable and sweet-pungent chutney with them. But, today we are taking you to feed a special samosa. Dry fruits and spicy potatoes stuffed in this samosa make a different taste. Together, the special red and green chutneys add to the taste of the samosas. The shortbread here is also royal. Its taste is made with chickpea curry. This shop is very famous because of its dish. The area where this shop is located is also special. People will be seen getting their samosas and kachoris packed and taken away.

This samosa is very much liked by the leaders, officers

The Delhi Vidhan Sabha is particularly famous in North Delhi. Here the assembly sessions of the Delhi government go on continuously. Many offices of Delhi government are also present around this area, due to which there is hustle and bustle here. There is this famous shop named ‘Uttam Samosa Junction’ on the back corner of this assembly. Before the Corona period, there was always a crowd in this shop, now it is a little less but the samosa lovers have not decreased. When the assembly is in session, leaders and officials get samosas ordered from this shop. This samosa is included in the menu when there is any program in the surrounding offices. When they leave the office in the evening, the government people are seen getting the samosas packed and taken away.

There is this famous shop named ‘Uttam Samosa Junction’ on the back corner of Delhi Assembly.

There are cashews, almonds, raisins and many more in samosas

It is clear that their samosas are special. Even if it is special, apart from dry fruits, spicy potato stuffing is also stuffed in it, in which whole crushed coriander also adds its color. Dry fruits include chopped cashews, almonds, raisins and grated dried dates and coconut. The specialty of this shop is that here samosas will be found very hot. As many samosas are fried as required, so the pan remains hot all the time. Crushed spices, pomegranate and banana pieces are put in red chutney with samosas, while green chutney is made by adding green coriander, mint, tomato, green chili and curd. A hot samosa worth Rs 40 and these two types of chutney adds to the fun.

Samosas are stuffed with dry fruits, chopped cashews, almonds, raisins and mashed dry dates and coconut.

Enjoy hot shortbread and rasgulla

The shortbread of his shop is also very famous. Spicy patti of urad dal is filled in it. After frying for a long time on slow flame, when this shortbread is served with chickpea curry and chutney, it gives relief to the heart and tongue. Its cost is Rs 30 per piece. If you want to eat sweet after eating spicy, then you can also eat hot roses and berries. Rasgulla of Rs.25 soft like black and butter will spread sweetness in the mouth. These items of the shop are fried in canola oil.

Kachoris served with chickpea curry and chutney cost Rs.30 per piece.

People are enjoying these delicacies for 28 years

This shop was started by Vinesh Aggarwal about 28 years ago. He was a family confectioner of Shamli (Western Uttar Pradesh). When he came to Delhi, he started selling samosas and other items after frying. After a few years, I only focused on dry fruit samosas, kachoris and gulab jamuns. This item has been on sale for years now.

Today three sons Madhuraj, Ashwini and Ravi also join hands with him. They say that fresh and hot goods are our identity, so government officials also like our goods. In these items, 40 types of spices are crushed and added, due to which the taste is made. A gathering takes place here from 10 am to 6 pm. Sunday is a holiday.

Nearest Metro Station: Vidhan Sabha

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