If you want to enjoy the famous Kulfi of Old Delhi, then reach ‘Kudemal Mahavir Prasad Kulfi’, also see VIDEO


The taste of Kulfi prepared from milk and mawa is very much liked.
More than 35 varieties of kulfi are available at the outlet.

Delhi Food Outlets: The trend of ice cream is old in India and the capital of the country, Delhi. Well-known companies are entertaining the common people by offering them the best ice cream of different flavours. The special thing is that along with ice cream, the trend of Kulfi in Delhi is also very old. Kulfi made from milk-khoya-mawa still fascinates people. If this Kulfi is from Old Delhi, then its fun is something else. The trend of Kulfi in ‘Shahjahanabad’ is years old. Special outlets of Kulfi sold in pots have now opened. Today we are taking you to a well-known Kulfiwala in North Delhi. The special thing is that this outlet belongs to the famous Kulfi Wale of Old Delhi and the Kulfi sold here comes from Old Delhi itself. Apart from the traditional Kulfi, Kulfi with different fruit flavors and chocolate will make your tongue and mind cool.

Enjoy 35 Variety and Flavored Kulfis

These Kulfis are being made, sold and eaten in Old Delhi for more than 100 years. Now it is also being sold at JD Market in Pitampura. The name is ‘Kudemal Mahavir Prasad Kulfi Wale’, which is a branded name in Delhi in terms of Kulfi. This is the favorite outlet of people coming from Old Delhi and settling in North Delhi. He says that the taste of Kulfi he had tasted in Old Delhi, it is found here. About 35 flavored kulfis are being sold at this outlet. These include not only special traditional kulfis like Kulfi Falooda, Matka Kulfi, Kesar Pista, as well as many fruit flavored Kulfis are also present. These include guava, mango, litchi, sweet fig, kiwi, plum, besides rabi, gulkand, paan, rose chocolate, coconut, tamarind flavored kulfi.

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The fun of fruit stuffed kulfi is superb

The most enjoyable and tastiest is their fruit stuffed kulfi. In fact, some pulp of certain fruits, kernels are taken out and filled with saffron pistachio kulfi, cherry fruit, cream and a little juice of the same fruit and freeze it. When it is offered in the form of slices, the heart starts ecstatic. These Stuffed Kulfis include Mango, Apple, Orange and Pomegranate. These colorful kulfis give a different pleasure to watch. The special thing is that the fruit or other things of which you will eat kulfi, its taste will start floating in the tongue.

Fruit Kulfi costs Rs 90, Special Kulfi Rs 100 and Stuffed Kulfi costs Rs 250. People are surprised that it is really a wonderful job to make kulfi of so much taste. Since the makers are family members, they say that nothing is mixed in them except fruit juice and milk cream.

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Kulfi was first sold by placing it on a chhaba

This outlet opened only two years ago, but in the old Delhi from where this kulfi comes, this work is going on since the year 1906. These Kulfi people are actually related to Haryana and their ancestors used to bring ghee from Haryana and sell it in Delhi. After that started the work of making Rabri and Kulfi in Delhi and it went on. First of all, the family member Kuttamal started the work of selling Kulfi by roaming in the area and then placing a pot on the street in Chhabe. After that a shop was opened in Sitaram market. Rabri was sold in winter and Kulfi in summer. His son Mahavir Prasad increased some variety of Kulfi.

Here the price of Kulfi with Fruit is Rs.90, Special Kulfi is Rs.100 and Stuffed Kulfi is Rs.250.

This business has been carried on from generation to generation. Today three brothers of the family, Lalit Sharma, Kapil and Manoj Sharma are handling the entire business of their Kulfi. This outlet opens at 10 am and Kulfi can be enjoyed here till 11 pm. There is no holiday. The shop of Old Delhi has been running for years, now an outlet has been opened in Preet Vihar located at Yamunapar.
Nearest Metro Station: Pitampura

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