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These days there is a lot of talk of ‘Byraktaar TB 2 Drone’. This killer drone of Turkey has helped Ukraine a lot in the war. There cannot be a better and more recent example of the importance of the might of the Air Force in Maidan-e-Jung. India is also going to take not only the MQ-9B Predator drone from America, but India also intends to manufacture it in future.

Drones have emerged as the most lethal and powerful weapon of today’s era in the battlefield. Earlier, India has already strengthened its air power by taking Rafale aircraft from France. Why Air Force? Because October 8 is Indian Air Force Day. For the first time, the Indian Air Force was employed on this day in 1932 as a supporting air force of the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom. The Air Force has been Hollywood’s favorite subject when it comes to war-centric films. Not many films have been made on this in Bollywood. Talk on these later, starting with an anecdote.

This is a complicated story, so to understand it, first let’s get to know their characters. The three pilots are Wayne, Kara (female) and Henry. Those who have been selected out of 400 pilots for a mission of the American Navy. Captain George is the over all head of this mission. Another fighter plane joins the fleet, as the fourth member. We will call it ‘ED’. A file appears in the hands of the ED, which is titled – ‘Jaan is on the palm’. This is a data base secret file. The file contains information about a dangerous hideout in the enemy country. After reading, he feels that it is necessary to destroy this enemy’s hideout.

ED ie Fighter Plane currently has seven missiles. Computerized calculations show that these missiles are enough to destroy the enemy’s hideout. ED is returning back to base after completing a successful mission. By law he should return to base but he doesn’t. Any patriot will only applaud this step of ED, salute his spirit. But this is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin turns it into an interesting story. When it is revealed that this fighter pilot is not actually a pilot. Rather it is an unmanned ‘Artificial Intelligence Enabled Fighter Bomber’, which has recently been inducted into the American Naval Wing.

He went on his first mission with Wayne, Kara and Henry. Where they had to destroy the enemy’s nuclear base. ED only had to follow Wayne’s orders in this mission. Approaching the target, Wayne learns that the area where the nuclear missiles are kept is also populated, which can cause great casualties. So he decides not to destroy the nuclear base and returns. In this regard, he also takes his boss Captain George on the bass into confidence. But here the ED refuses to obey his order. By disobeying the command given to him, he destroys the hideout. Due to which many civilians and innocent people are also killed.

The same ED has now set out on a mission to destroy the hideout of the new enemy without taking the permission of the boss, after reading the file ‘Jaan Palm Par Hai’. Captain George on the base gets tensed with this action of ED. Because one, the details given in the file are completely fictitious. The second unmanned fighter bomber – ED, the country whose base is out to destroy, is located in North Korea, America’s most dangerous and cynical enemy. Wayne convinces ED not to take this step and returns to base with him. But ED does not agree. Now Wayne, Kara, and Henry must complete the difficult task of getting ED back to the base, before attacking the North Korean base. The ending is very interesting and mysterious. So won’t talk about it.

By the time the story reaches here, the biggest question that arises in the mind is that why and how can ED, which is a man-made machine, programmed by humans, refuse to obey his boss. The answer is full of interest. Robotic Fighter Bomber i.e. ED’s programming is equipped with ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Due to this, he is also able to take decisions on his own. When Ed went on the first mission with Wayne, Kara and Henry during their training. Then Wayne did not obey his boss George’s command and risked his life to successfully carry out the mission and killed the terrorists.

Wayne did not obey his boss at that time with a positive approach and good spirit. Because he felt that his decision on the spot is beneficial for the country. The unmanned machine undergoing training at the time of this incident learned that the boss is not always right and that the decisions taken by the soldiers on the spot are more correct. So he started disobeying orders and continued to do so. This is the story of the American military science fiction movie ‘Stealth’. The film, released in 2005, was directed by Rob Cohen.

In 1982, there was a film ‘Vijeta’. Produced by Shashi Kapoor, his son Kunal Kapoor did a beautiful performance in this film. Directed by Govind Nihalani, the movie also featured Rekha. Apart from this, Shahid Kapoor and Sonam’s film ‘Mausam’ was like a love story, but it had Air Force in its background. Chetan Anand, who made a classic war movie like ‘Haqeeqat’, also made ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’ on this subject. ‘Agnipankh’ is the story of three Indian Air Force pilots who go to Pakistan on a mission. where they are captured. ‘Rang De Basanti’ has ‘MiG 21 jet aircraft’ in the background.

The story of ‘Uri the Surgical Strike’ is divided into five chapters. Those who want to join the Air Force or the Air Force is their favorite wing, then they must see ‘Victor’. This film with a tight plot is very interesting. Amrish Puri is the trainer in the film. One of his sololoki (single dialogue) not only tells about the film, but tells the whole story of the Air Force.

‘Don’t leave room for misunderstanding. Ninety nine percent will not work. The difference between life and death in the Air Force is of this one percent. Without getting hundred percent fit, no fighter pilot from this group will become. This is a strict profession and its demand is also strict. If I will not be strict now, then my hands will be colored with your blood. And I don’t want my hands to be painted with your blood. Do not forget that our country spends crores of rupees on fighter planes. Crores will also be spent on your training. But the price of freedom cannot be measured. Only those who believe in winning are needed here. To become a fighter pilot, self-discipline is required, an alert mind is required to take decisions in half a second. Whatever you do after this training will be a miracle in the eyes of others, but only everyday discipline for you.

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