International Safe Abortion Day: When is abortion safe? Learn from experts the disadvantages of unsafe abortion


Today is ‘International Safe Abortion Day’.
When a live pregnancy is terminated, it is called abortion.
Abortion through medicines is done for 7 weeks and surgical abortion for 12 weeks.

International Safe Abortion Day 2022: Today is ‘International Safe Abortion Day’. Many times women do not want to become mothers immediately after marriage. In such a situation, if she becomes pregnant, then to end this unwanted pregnancy, she takes contraceptive drugs. Sometimes these contraceptive pills do not work properly, due to which the pregnancy stops. In such a situation, couples resort to abortion. However, in our country there is a strict law regarding abortion, in which it has been told how long you can have an abortion. There are also some women who themselves start consuming many types of contraceptive pills or abortion pills available in the market. Doing so can cause great harm to your health. Some couples also get abortions done by unprofessional people running illegally, which at times increases the chances of death of the woman. In such a situation, it is very important to know that what is the safe way to get abortion, how long can abortion be done after getting pregnant.

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What is abortion and what is the procedure?

Dr. Neha Bothra, Obstetrics and Gynecologist at Fortis Hospital (Vashi, Mumbai) It is said that when we terminate a live pregnancy, it is called abortion. Sometimes abortion also happens naturally, which is called spontaneous abortion and sometimes when pregnancy is terminated medically, it is called medical abortion. There are different methods of medical termination. How to do abortion, it depends on many things, like how many months pregnancy is, what is the physical condition of the woman, whether there is any medical condition like heart problem, high BP, can take anesthesia or not etc. In medical procedure, abortion is done through medicines. The second method is the surgical method, in which the uterus is emptied. Surgical method is adopted in advanced pregnancy. Abortion is done by giving delivery pen after 4 to 5 months ie 12 to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Under what circumstances is abortion done?

Dr. Neha Bothra tells that Many times contraceptive pills fail, unwanted pregnancy or even after using contraceptives of the couple is not successful, then the couple opts for abortion. If the woman has a medical condition, such as heart disease, epilepsy, is on medication or has any other physical problem, due to which pregnancy can be harmful for her, then there is a need to have an abortion. People can opt for abortion even if there is any physical problem, physical defect, medical abnormality in the baby. But this should be done only within the legal limit which is 20 weeks. Abortion can be done under the provision even if the pregnancy is going to harm the physical and mental health of the woman.

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When can I have an abortion?

Abortion through medicines can be done for about 49 days or 7 weeks and surgical abortion can be done till 12 weeks i.e. first trimester of pregnancy. However, having a surgical abortion between 8-9 weeks is considered safer. Not only this, the methods of abortion also depend on many factors.

When is abortion unsafe?

Most of the people still choose to have abortions illegally in our country, which proves to be very dangerous. For this reason, abortion was made legal in India so that people get it done from safe, medical professional and good hospitals. Unsafe abortion can also kill a woman. In such a situation, if you do not want to continue the pregnancy, then always get it done by a medical professional, expert. This can cause infection in the uterus. This infection can spread to the blood and cause sepsis, which is fatal.

Why safe abortion is important, disadvantages of abortion pills

Safe abortion is important because it can save a woman’s life to a great extent. Abortion pills should never be taken without a doctor’s advice, as there are many side effects. Eating the wrong way increases the chances of bleeding a lot. There may also be internal bleeding. Similarly, contraceptive pills should also be used properly. Take them on the advice of the doctor and it is important to take them regularly without missing, so that the pregnancy does not stop.

What to keep in mind after abortion

The most important thing is that abortion should be avoided. It should be an option and not the main source of unwanted pregnancy or family planning. Many times people do not use contraceptive pills properly, in that case people consider abortion as an easy option. Avoid doing this. Frequent abortion is also not good for the health of the woman. Doctors also recommend that to avoid unwanted pregnancy, always use family planning methods, so that there is no chance of abortion.

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