Interview: Arvind Akela Kallu disclosed about marriage and relationship, said- ‘All the preparations are done’

Bhojpuri actor Arvind Akela Kallu is known for his excellent films and singing. He started his career (Arvind Akela Kallu Career) from the age of 9. For the first time he sang on stage with his father. Today he is not interested in any identity. More than one of his songs and films are released, which create a ruckus. In such a situation, these days she is busy shooting for her upcoming film ‘Sasurari Zindabad’. Spoke to News18 Hindi on the set of this. During this, he has shared many interesting things including his marriage and relationship. Meanwhile, the actor has made revelations about his marriage and relationship. He said, ‘The family members have made all the preparations’.

Kallu is playing the role of husband of actress Chandni Singh in Bhojpuri film ‘Sasurari Zindabad’. In such a situation, during the shooting, he was shooting the wedding sequence. In such a situation, Arvind was now asked in the meantime when he would tie the knot in real life, then he said, ‘It is the feeling of every boy that he should get married. Means Kekra Ram Na Bhavas. We also feel that if we should get married then we will get married, its process is going on for a long time. On the verge of final. I have been saying from the beginning that I will marry only according to the choice of my mother and father, so till now I have not fallen in love. Because we can’t cheat girls.

We love the most – Arvind Akela Kallu
Did you ever fall in love with any actress during the shoot? On the question of Kallu said, ‘Love is what we do most. They do it to us too. Just the thinking of people to love should be good, so I love with good thinking. Yes, I love that the actresses in front should feel comfortable with us. Do a good job. I think very practical and futuristic and it also has losses. Yes there is attraction but I think why waste time when there is no future in it. As much as our actresses respect us, we do not want to lose that respect. I want to earn respect by taking a different path.

Arvind told how Alone and Kallu connected behind the name
During this, Kallu was asked about joining his name alone and Kallu, while talking about the reason behind it, he said, ‘We are an artist. We work for the public. Whether it is police, doctor, politician or artist or singer. They are not of any caste. I belong to a Brahmin family, very few people know, so the only secret is that my father had said in the beginning that son, you have to sing a song for everyone, you have to sing for everyone. Our song is heard by people of all castes and religions, so our title has been hidden. On the other hand, ‘Kallu’, I was very black in my childhood. when I was born. It was dark enough. The one who is thin in our UP and Bihar is called a wrestler. Similarly, a name is given to live and our name was given as Kallu.

500 rupees were received for singing the song for the first time
During this, Arvind also told about his struggle from Buxar to Mumbai. He started singing songs since childhood and used to go for stage shows with his father. Meanwhile, for the first time, he got 500 rupees as a reward for singing a song. Regarding this, the actor said, ‘I hoisted the flag on the occasion of 26 January and during this time I sang a song, so my songs and singing were well-liked. Then I got 500 rupees from Mukhiya Chacha (Mukhiya Mohan). People knew that I used to sing well. Everyone started saying that sing this song. My father was with me in my struggle and he also tolerated many taunts. People used to say that ‘Nachniya banihan’, song Sikhihan, that’s how people used to say it. But keeping all these aside from himself, my father supported me and today I want to fulfill his every dream.

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