Is your child a victim of mental disorder? Identify with these 8 signs, know here


If the child has difficulty in reading or writing, then these can be symptoms of learning disorder.
Autism spectrum disorder can also create difficulties in the normal growth of children.

mentally disorders In Kids: Many parents keep scolding the children on every point and hold them responsible for every mistake. The effect of the negative behavior of parents has a bad effect on their developing mindset and they start getting angry with their own life. Especially if both the parents are working, then this problem goes on affecting more rapidly. So let us tell you how to identify mental disorder in children and how to know its reasons.

What is mental disorder?

healthshot According to, mental disorder in children is actually a condition of their mind in which they look angry, irritable and unhappy all the time. They do not feel like eating and drinking and they like to be alone away from people. You may find this behavior of children normal, but let us tell you that it can prove to be dangerous for their overall development and future. Here we tell you what are the symptoms found in children suffering from mental disorders.

signs of mental disorder in children

stay silent If your child remains silent all the time and does not talk to anyone, that means that something has had a deep impact on the child’s mind. This thing has weakened the morale of the child and he is not trusting anyone. The reason for this can be scolding all the time.

be angry Some children remain angry all the time and they keep getting irritation on everything. They get offended easily. This behavior of theirs can be due to the behavior of the parents. This can also happen by watching TV, mobile etc. for a long time.

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Learning Disorder If your child is having trouble reading, understanding or writing, then these can be symptoms of learning disorder. Such children find it very difficult to read and write aloud. Holding a pencil seems like a phobia to them.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder- If your child is unable to concentrate on anything, then it can be a symptom of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. It is a brain disorder in which the child lacks concentration while studying or playing. Because of which he is not able to finish any work properly.

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autism spectrum disorder Autism spectrum disorder can also create difficulties in the normal growth of children. This can be one of the main reasons for delayed speech in children. If the child is a victim of this problem, then he learns to speak many years later than his age. Such children learn everything late as compared to other children. They face problems in speaking, listening, noticing, answering etc.

Conduct disorder Conduct disorder can be due to living in a bad environment and lack of good upbringing. In this disorder, the child does everything according to his will. Not only this, such children also start using bad words, fighting, quarreling, doing the opposite etc.

Development disorder- Due to developmental disorder, the development of the child is not in flow and he delays learning some milestone things. In this problem, the development of the child is halted.

sleep disorder In sleep disorder, symptoms like walking in sleep, talking in sleep, seeing scary dreams etc. are seen. Such children often shy away from sleeping alone at night and they always have the fear of having scary dreams. Talking scary things, watching scary movies or cartoons, bad behavior of parents can be the reason for this. On seeing such symptoms, start paying attention to the activities of the child and do not scold him. It would be better to take the opinion of experts and let them find a solution.

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