It is important to avoid these misconceptions about makeup, understand the difference between right and wrong


The best way to find the perfect foundation is to match your jaw line.
The biggest reason for break-out after makeup can also be not cleaning the face properly.

Makeup Facts, Beauty Tips: There is a lot of content in social media regarding makeup. There are many such facts and tips about makeup, but most of these suggestions are found to be wrong. Makeup is such a thing that no one is dependent on testing in it. Whether your skin is dry, sensitive or normal, you would not want to do any kind of testing on your skin.

style craze According to this, before applying makeup, it is very important to know that the products which are being used in makeup will not harm your skin in any way. Let us know about 10 myth facts about makeup.

Misconception: Primer and Moisturizer work in the same way
Fact: Primer and moisturizer are completely different in terms of makeup. Primer is often used before makeup which works to close the open pores of the skin as well as reduce the side effects of makeup. At the same time, the moisturizer is completely different from the primer. We bring it in daily use so that our skin remains soft. Moisturizer controls the dryness of the skin.

2- Misconception: Red lipstick may not be taken well by everyone!
Fact- There are many myths about red lipstick in makeup. It is often heard that not everyone can use red lipstick in a perfect way, but it is wrong. Everyone can use red lipstick but keep in mind that you should use red lipstick according to your skin tone because it comes in many colors.

3: Misconception: Choose your foundation according to your forehead, neck, cheeks or hands
Fact- If there is any difficult task in makeup, then it is to find a perfect foundation according to the skin. The color of the skin is different at different places in our own body too. Before using foundation, you stand in front of a mirror and then bring your hands near the face, you will know that the color of your hands is different from the color of the face. Matching foundation according to your skin is the biggest misconception in makeup. Sometimes the color of your skin also changes due to the weather conditions. Therefore, to choose the right foundation, match the jaw line of your face.

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4: Misconception: Lip Plumper Can Increase the Size of Your Lips!
Fact: If you have thin lips, then you must have often heard people recommending lip plumper for yourself. It contains a mixture of hot peppers, cinnamon, menthol and caffeine. This causes burning of the lips and swelling of the lips. There is a huge misconception in makeup that it is a treatment and its effect lasts for a long time. It is not a permanent treatment. Hyaluronic acid fillers should be used to make the lips plump.

5- Misconception: Mascara lasts longer than pumping a wand
Fact: There is also a misconception that by taking the mascara wand inside out, it does not spoil for a long time nor does it have any kind of lumps in it. But when you pump the mascara wand, the air gets into the mascara tube, which makes it dry very fast. Whenever you use mascara, use the wand only by rotating it inside the tube.

6: Misconception: Eyeshadow may not match your eye color!
Fact: There are many misconceptions about eyeshadow too. Often people say that eyeshadow cannot be matched with the color of the eyes. If your eye color is brown then you can use brown eyeshadow, if you have blue colored eyes then blue eyeshadow can also be used. These days a really matching colored eyeshadow gives you a bold look.

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7- Misconception: Concealer should always be lighter than foundation!
fact: There are many misconceptions about concealer in makeup in social media. It is best to match a concealer like your foundation to your skin tone as much as possible. Mild concealers only reduce your dark spots. Apart from this, it also hides light marks in the face.

8: Misconception: Choose a foundation that’s lighter than your skin!
Fact: Makeup is incomplete without foundation. Most myths are about the foundation itself. Many times people recommend that a foundation should be used which is lighter than your skin color. People believe that looking fair is a perfect makeup but it is not like that at all. Most of the Indians are dark and brown in complexion but they use foundation lighter than their skin tone. The best way to find the perfect foundation is to match your jaw line. If foundation blends easily into your skin, then you have chosen the right color.

9- Misconception: Doing makeup causes many problems in the face
fact Regarding makeup, it is often said that due to excessive makeup, problems start coming in the face in many ways. It is not like that at all. Problems like acne, irritation in our face come when we use cheap or expired products. The biggest reason for break-out after makeup can also be not cleaning the face properly. Breakouts can also be caused by using the wrong products, such as using dewy finished foundation on extremely oily skin.

10- Misconception: Makeup products irritate the skin in the skin.
Fact: This myth is sitting in the minds of people that if there is burning or tingling in the face, then the reason for this will be makeup. This notion is also completely wrong. Maybe you are allergic to something and that is why you are having problems. If this happens, then you should not use the product after the use of which you get a burning sensation.

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