‘Jaadugar’ Detail Review: When will pigeons stop coming out of ‘magician’ cap

‘Jaadugar’ Detail Review: The Viral Fever quickly stoked India’s hunger to digest new content. As soon as Amol Palekar matured, films on the middle class stopped making films and Star Power kept the engine of the box office running. It used to be good if middle class serials used to come for almost two decades from the beginning of television. Then came the period of falling in love with each other’s husbands, in which artists used to sleep and wake up with make-up and put on ironed saris of Kanjeevaram and nine hundred grams of make-up.

Television also started seeing the middle class from the point of view of the consumer, due to which business was done but the art went somewhere. Then came the viral fever. Middle class young hero and heroine. Clever, cunning, a bit corrupt but quite pure in heart, that is, a true representative of the changing middle class. They did not get success but would win in the end because their moral values ​​matched those of the middle class parents of small towns. This emotional concept was very much liked by all those boys and girls who used to run away from their identity, their economic status and the so called “backward” life of the village when they came to the metropolis.

He used to see the whole family doing farming naturally, and used to come to the city and present it in the name of organic farming. This was the reason for the success of the content of Janata The Viral Fever. Now this same public is responsible for the abundance of that kind of content, due to which the famine of good and true story has started appearing. The latest example is the film “Magician” on Netflix by the team of ex-servicemen of The Viral Fever.

Even after leaving IIT, the passion for making films or television or OTT content can wake up, who can tell this better than Arunabh Kumar. He founded The Viral Fever in 2010, starting with a YouTube channel. Associated with him were his juniors; Biswapati Sarkar and Amit Golani. Some friends like Jitendra Kumar, Sameer Saxena joined. After being associated with The Viral Fever for a long time, Biswapati, Amit Golani, Sameer Saxena and Saurabh Khanna started their film company together, Poshampa Pictures.

His latest presentation in planning to make web series and movies for OTT is – Magician. There is neither magic in the film nor any novelty in the presentation of the story. This type of content may or may not be expected from this team. The story has everything like other TVF productions. Middle class, small town, lives influenced by film and television and a love story that culminates in the team of a Neemuch locality winning the Football Cup. If the hero loses, then he has to win, then the heroine has a father, a divorced heroine and an almost unsuccessful uncle of the hero.

There is also a team of self-proclaimed players of the locality and there are also professional football teams in front of them. There are also many emotional angles which are expected to engage the audience but alas, here the film has been missed. Jitendra Kumar is a good actor, but now he has started appearing in the same type of roles. His acting in Panchayat entertained everyone well, but his magic failed in ‘Jadugar’. The story of becoming a magician due to the desire to eat kulfi seems fake in today’s date. Instead of falling in love with his girlfriend, he tries to woo her in filmy ways. He does not like football and does not play, but as it happens, he does score a goal in moments of need.

Javed Jaffrey is never given good roles. His character never fully flourishes. The same is true in this film as well. He wants to win the cup with the team of the street, but he never prepares for football with them throughout the year, not directly in the tournament. Aarushi Sharma is the heroine in the film. When given to all the characters, they also have a backstory. They are divorced, married after quarreling with parents and then stayed away from family members, when the marriage broke down and came to father’s house, mother had passed away and father had gone crazy. This backstory was not needed. A normal, intelligent, educated doctor girl has an understanding of good and bad. It’s nice to see Manoj Joshi on screen because he doesn’t experiment much, he hasn’t even this time. Seniors have become magicians, except magic, the work of doing everything goes on.

The story is written by Biswapati Sarkar. Perhaps forgot the difference between writing a web series and writing a film. Every character has a backstory. It happens in ordinary life but it is not necessary to show every backstory in the film. Time is a bit more in web series, writers also have opportunities. Jitendra Kumar has many stories in this film, from why he wants to become a magician to the death of his parents in an accident, a failed love story, a Dronacharya-Eklavya relationship, another love story, ways to impress a girl. Casting magic in front of his house, playing football, strained relationship with uncle, playing football and scoring a couple of goals, cheating the team and finally making it all right are several tracks of the type.

Such is the pain of Javed Jaffrey’s character. The author did not need to show everything influenced by the small town to show the atmosphere of the small town. Director Sameer Saxena has a disease of Alfred Hitchcock or Subhash Ghai, appears in a role in every film. The film which could have made fun in maybe two and a half hours, got reduced to three and a half hours due to the habit of writing backstory of the same writer.

Good music is expected from Nilotpal Bora so there are a couple of good songs in the film as well. The songs like magician and khlene do will remind you of an old song, if you put a little emphasis, then you will also remember. There are abuses in two or four dialogues, the rest of the film is clean. There is no obscenity as expected, the story runs in a streak and there are few moments where the small town – middle class – is just the right amalgamation of extreme emotion. It is possible that the film may look good if you look at the technical things, but remember that it is not made in TVF’s factory, so there is every possibility that no connection is felt with it.

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