Jackfruit is the world’s largest and heaviest fruit used as a vegetable, know interesting things about this fruit

If you are asked, which is the largest and heaviest fruit in the world? You may be baffled because the fruit is generally considered to be beautiful and of normal size. If we think a lot, then the name of watermelon can come in our mind. but it’s not like that. Watermelon, melon or white mango is neither the largest fruit in the world nor the heaviest. Actually the biggest fruit is jackfruit, whose size can usually range from 10 to 25 kg. It is not beautiful either, because its skin is decorated with thorns and it is rarely eaten raw. Generally jackfruit is considered a vegetable, but in botany it has been called a fruit.

The special thing is that the origin of jackfruit is believed to be in India itself and it is being eaten in India for thousands of years. From India itself, it went to other countries and earned a name there too.

Born in India and spread all over the world

Jackfruit trees have been found in most states of North India including South India for thousands of years and its origin is from the flowers coming out of the thick stem. Its information has been given in the Ayurvedic texts of India and it is said that its origin in the country is being done from 3000 BC. Apart from India, jackfruit tree is also found in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Caribbean islands, West Africa.

Information about jackfruit has been given in Ayurvedic texts of India and it is said that its origin in the country is being done since 3000 BC.

Apart from this, it is grown and eaten in countries like North Australia, United States of America, Brazil etc. After its origin in India, jackfruit reached the neighboring countries, then it gained further momentum.

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Spicy vegetable tastes like mutton

A great feature of jackfruit is that those who are vegetarian and they want to get the taste of non-veg without eating it, then try eating jackfruit sabzi cooked well in spices, they will know how mutton masala tastes. . It is big in size, does not sell very expensive, so people eat it a lot. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have declared jackfruit as a national fruit, while in India, it has the status of a state fruit in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

jackfruit kathal

In India, jackfruit has the status of a state fruit in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

It is a fruit rather than a vegetable because it is derived from flowers. The special thing is that the jackfruit tree bears male and female flowers, but only female flowers make jackfruit. Male flowers dry up after blooming.

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Advice to eat only ripe jackfruit in ‘Charakasamhita’

Jackfruit is not only beneficial for the body, its consumption also gives medical benefits. In the ancient Ayurvedic text ‘Charakasamhita’ it has been called ‘Panasam’. There it was advised to eat ripe jackfruit and it is said that it is sweet in taste, mildly astringent, apart from aliphatic and heavy. In the modern era, more properties of this fruit have emerged, such as jackfruit is rich in vitamins and fiber. Vitamin A, B-complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are also available in it. Minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium and manganese are also found in this fruit.


Sweet, mild astringent in eating jackfruit, apart from aliphatic, it is heavy.

Many properties and many benefits to the body from it

According to dietician and Yogacharya Rama Gupta, due to these properties, jackfruit strengthens the hair roots, is beneficial for the eyes. It increases the blood in the body, due to which there is no problem of anemia. Jackfruit is effective in preventing inflammation of the body and keeps the heart fit. It prevents wrinkles. The calcium present in it strengthens the bones. It also prevents loose motion. Its disadvantages are that overeating can cause digestive problems. Sometimes it also causes sore throat and mouth. Those who have sugar should not consume too much of it.

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