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Jana Gan Man Review: Malayalam cinema should be declared as the rebel cinema of the country. In this cinema, always contemporary issues are threaded into the story of the film in such a way that the hidden message also reaches the intelligent audience and for those who watch the film for fun, a stomach of drama is added to the story. . Despite all the constraints and commercial compulsions, Malayalam cinema has been making films one after the other on such stories which the common audience may never accept. The level of education in Kerala is very high, the political understanding of the residents is also very aware, due to the influence of communist ideology, due to the high influence of the communist ideology, the human sensibilities are still given importance. The same thing is also seen in Malayalam cinema. The latest example of this is the movie released on Netflix – Jana Gana Mana. The pearls of so many recent incidents have been strung in a single story that the film looks like a great piece of jewellery. Worth watching. Must be seen immediately.

University professor Saba Mariam (Mamata Mohandas) is murdered. The media gives a lot of weight to this matter and the government asks a senior officer ACP Sajjan Kumar (Suraj Venjaramudu) to solve this case. As Sabah students and students from other universities are protesting in the streets, Sajjan Kumar promises Saba’s mother that he will catch the culprits in 30 days. In the investigation, 4 boys are arrested. Sajjan is under pressure to cover up the case and eventually he is removed from this case. Seeing the case slipping out of his hands, the gentleman takes these four accused to the same place where he has burnt Saba alive so that he can understand how he committed the crime.

The gentleman shoots all four of them. The public becomes addicted to this instant justice and the gentleman is praised everywhere. The players of this encounter, Human Rights, file a case in the court. The public is sure that nothing will happen to Sajjan, but the lawyer against Sajjan is Arvind Swaminathan (Prithviraj Sukumaran) who shatters every argument in this case and is successful in proving that the entire conspiracy is behind the government. The Home Minister and Sajjan have created so that the Home Minister can win the election and become the Chief Minister. Who is Arvind, where has he come from, why did he do this and what was his enmity with Sajjan… All this has been shown in the film but only so that it can be established that the sequel of this film will be made and will come soon .

Sharis Mohammed, a young writer from Kerala has written this film. Each scene has been composed so thoughtfully that the audience is forced to question their political thinking. The university shown has been made influenced by JNU. When the Vice Chancellor takes Saba’s death lightly, the student body protests against him and the police brutally beat him up. The president of the student union gets beaten up, gets his head broken and yet, through the video, puts forth a raw story of the atrocities being committed by the police on the students. When Suraj Venjaramudu reaches the university to talk to the students, it seems that some truthful and dutiful officer is talking and the students listen to him in one go. Amazing view is created here. The character of a corrupt politician is also wonderful because he says that everything goes, when you want, ban notes and when you want, then vote. This film makes a scathing attack on the current politics of the country.

The 2019 gang rape accused were killed in an encounter by the police when these accused were taken to the crime scene. This scene has been kept exactly in the film. The public liked this method of justice very much, but when the lawyer in the court questions this method, the judge and the public have no answer to it. It is not necessary that law and justice should always be the same. The film confirms this time. In another place, the words of Gandhiji have also been used – the decision of the crowd, justice is not done.

Sooraj Venjaramudu’s performance tilts the film aside. Such a powerful character is not seen in films. When the accused asks for a cigarette from him, he knows that political influence will get this accused released, then before encountering that accused, he gives him a cigarette but not by lighting it with a lighter, he lets him burn himself. What a visual configuration! The film turns upside down when Prithviraj’s entry takes place. Instant justice like instant coffee, instant noodle is going on because the four accused were not even presented in the court for justice and their encounter was done.

Prithviraj slowly overturns the thinking of the people. Ajmal Kasab was also presented in the court and his side was heard, there was a complete investigation, the crime was proved and after that he was hanged but the media broadcast Saba’s case so much that people started taking decisions in emotions leaving logic. Instead of the court, the decision was taken at the hands of the police. Prithviraj believes in the entire law and order system but questions the emotional decision-making system of the public and the media. In these scenes, the writing has done wonders and if there is a great actor like Prithviraj, then every dialogue and every scene settles in the mind.

last 10 minutes of film
Everything is like a jumble in the last 10 minutes of the film. There will also be a second part of this film in which why Prithviraj became a lawyer and what happened to him, due to which he wants to expose the relationship between policemen and politicians, it will also be shown. Although the audience has understood a lot from the last 10 minutes of the film, but these scenes have been kept useless in the film. Had the suspense been kept, then perhaps the talk of Katappa and Bahubali could have come here too. The film is very long as it had to cover many incidents, many national issues and incidents had to be covered. The script is good but the speed of this super fast train slows down after coming to the outer. Sooraj and Prithviraj have carried the entire film on their shoulders. The first part is the sun and the second part is Prithviraj. Director Dijo has kept the film tied. His direction is good and despite being such a long film, the audience will be seen getting bored in very few scenes.

People of communist ideology will agree with this film and the right wing will be angry with the inclusion of national political stories in this film. The truth is that Jana Gana Mana is actually the mirror of the society. Every Indian should watch this movie. The media doesn’t always show the truth and the media doesn’t always show the truth. There can be no better example of this fact than this film. A lot can be written in praise of the film. The film is about three and a half hours long, apart from this you will see very few flaws in the film. do not miss.

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