Journey of taste: Kinnow, a delicious fruit spread from America to the whole world, know its interesting history


Kinnow cultivation in India started in 1935-40.
Vitamin C is highest in Kinnow.
Kinnow’s peel is thick, tight and very shiny.

Kinnow Fruit Benefits and History: There is no dearth of sour-sweet fruits rich in Vitamin C in India. Most of these fruits are filled with juice. Not only orange and sweet lime are famous among these fruits, apart from the mountain fruit Malta, now Kinnu is also making its name famous. This hybrid fruit is full of juice as compared to other fruits, Vitamin C is also present in it in large quantity. Kinnow is very useful for the body.

Many fruits come from the citrus family

All these fruits are considered to belong to the lemon family, but lemon is sour. Lemon is available for 12 months, but most of the fruits of its family show their beauty only in winter. In fact, there is confusion about the shape and size of orange, sweet lime, malta and kinnow, because their size and shape are almost the same. Despite this, they can be easily identified. There is some difference in their properties and juice too. The identity of seasonal is that its peel is greenish. It is difficult to divide it into slices and it is recognized as more sour and less sweet juice. The size of the orange is medium and its color ranges from saffron to light orange. Orange peel is very light and thin, which can be easily peeled. It starts ripening quickly in sunlight. There are slices inside it, which can be easily eaten or juice can be extracted.

There is confusion about the texture and size of orange, sweet lime, malta and kinnow.

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Kinnow is an exotic form of native orange

Malta is a mountain fruit, which was first produced in China and in India its maximum production is done in Uttarakhand. It is slightly bigger than an orange in size, slightly thick peel and dark orange in colour. It is very sour sweet in taste. If we say that Kinnow is the essence of all these, then it will not be an exaggeration. Kinnow’s peel is thick, tight and very shiny. The color is deeper and more juicy than most of these oranges. More seeds also emerge in this. Most of its produce is also in some areas of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan and Haryana. Kinnow can be called the foreign form of desi orange. Malta grows in hilly areas, while Kinnow grows in plain areas. Actually Kinnow has been prepared by mixing malta and orange, so it is full of juice, sweetness and vitamins. This fruit is used from fresh juice to candy, jelly and wine.

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Kinnow’s peel is thick, tight and very shiny.

This fruit is most grown in Punjab

Food historians believe that Kinnow was first created and grown in the US state of Florida in the first decade of the 1800s. Since it had all the characteristics of an orange, but with more sweetness and juiciness, it was immediately taken up. Just believe that Kinnu juice has made everyone its own. The trend of its juice increased a lot in western countries and it continued to expand all over the world. Kinnow cultivation in India started in 1935-40. Then its hybrid breed was created in Punjab Agricultural College and Research Institute, Faisalabad (now in Pakistan), which started growing in different regions of India. In India it is mostly grown in Punjab. In a way, this fruit had brought a revolution in Punjab. If you visit Punjab during winter, you will see Kinnow fruit and juice being sold everywhere on the local and national highways.

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Kinnow is effective in stomach problems

Plenty of nutrition is also present in Kinnu. According to a modern information, one medium sized kinnow contains Calorie 47, Carbohydrate 12 g, Protein 0.7 g, Fat 0.3 g, Fiber 2 g, Vitamin C 26%, Magnesium 2.5%, Potassium 3%, Copper 4%, Iron approx. 1% is found. well-known Dietician Dr. Anita Lamba According to, Kinnow rich in Vitamin C provides instant energy to the body. Kinnow works as an effective medicine for stomach related problems. It helps in keeping the metabolism healthy for a long time.

This fruit has a combination of mineral salts, so it helps in reducing acidity. It helps in removing chronic constipation. If you are suffering from heartburn and acidity, then Kinnow is a very useful fruit. It also increases appetite to a great extent. By consuming it, the toxic substances present in the body are removed. Kinnow is also considered good for the skin. It makes the skin shiny. Eating it in limited quantity does not cause any side effects, but consuming it in excess will make the teeth sour. Stomach related problems can also happen.

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