Journey of taste: Mustard greens keep the heart healthy along with making the bones strong, being used for thousands of years


Along with mustard greens, oil is extracted from its seeds.
Mustard greens are also helpful in keeping the eyesight better.
Mustard originated thousands of years ago in India and surrounding areas.

Swad Ka Safarnama: As soon as winter sets in, it becomes twelve to twelve in eating and drinking. Whatever you eat or drink, digest everything. If one gets food made of maize bread-mustard greens and a piece of butter on top of it in the afternoon in the winter season, then it gives the joy of heaven. By the way, eat mustard greens with bread of any grain, there will be no change in its taste and quality. This greens strengthens the bones and also keeps the heart healthy. Mustard greens have made a special identity in India for thousands of years.

‘Makki di roti te sarson ka saag’ attracts

This sentence called ‘Makki di roti te sarson ka saag’ not only attracts food lovers, common people are also eager to eat it. Once famous in Punjab, this food is now spreading its glory all over India. This food is not only tasty, but also brings great peace to the heart and mind. When the winter season begins and mustard greens are available for sale in the markets, people become eager to buy them, because they know that this greens will give them complete pleasure in winter. The special thing is that when mustard is produced in the field, its greens take the form of food and when the mustard turns yellow after ripening and seeds are produced in it, wonderful qualities are also produced in it. The oil extracted from these seeds is being consumed all over the world. In many countries including India, this oil is considered more beneficial than olive oil.

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Greens and oil have been used since ancient times

It is a clear fact that mustard originated in India and surrounding areas thousands of years ago. The special thing is that since ancient times, mustard greens are being used as food and mustard oil is being used. According to Indian American botanist Professor Sushma Naithani, the origin of mustard is the Central Asiatic Center, which includes Northwest India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. By the way, food historians also believe that mustard oil was being used in the Indus Valley Civilization before 3000 BC.

Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov (1887–1943), a botanist from the Soviet Union who identified centers of origin for cultivated plants around the world, says that mustard originated somewhere in India, China, and Europe. Encyclopaedia Britannica has also associated mustard with the Indus Valley Civilization.

Mustard greens are rich in vitamins and minerals

The special thing is that in India’s ancient Ayurvedic book ‘Charaksamhita’, written about 2700 years ago, mustard greens and its oil have been described and they have been described as beneficial for the body. On the other hand, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has given information about the nutritional elements of mustard greens. According to the department, one cup (about 56 grams) of chopped mustard greens has calories 15.1, protein 1.6 grams, fat 0.235 grams, carbohydrates 2.62 grams, fiber 1.79 grams, calcium 64.4 milligrams, iron 0.918 milligrams, potassium 215 milligrams, sodium 11.2 milligrams. , Vitamin C 39.2 mg, Vitamin A 84.6 micrograms, Vitamin K 144 micrograms, apart from Vitamin E, folate (an acid that repairs damaged cells), copper, zinc and selenium (antioxidant properties) are also found in small amounts.

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Greens also protect the eyesight

According to food expert and home chef Simmi Babbar, any type of greens is effective in keeping the digestive system healthy, since mustard greens are also rich in vitamins and minerals, hence it is considered very beneficial for the body. Its intake strengthens the bones, along with it also maintains the normal function of the heart. It is advised to eat mustard greens in case of bone fracture.

The effect of mustard greens is hot and there is no side effect of eating it. Image-Canva

The presence of Vitamin C in mustard greens supports the immune system. It helps prevent respiratory infections. The amount of vitamin A present in it increases the body’s immune system. It also has the ability to reduce bad cholesterol. It also improves Pitta. The vitamins found in it keep the eyesight safe. Its consumption is also considered beneficial for the liver. Mustard greens have a warming effect and generally there are no side effects from eating it. But due to its taste, if it is consumed in excess, then it can cause the problem of loose motion.

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