Journey of Taste: Thousands of years old history of vitamin-rich salad leaves, read the benefits of lettuce, facts


It is believed that lettuce came into existence 6000 years ago.
Lettuce not only increases appetite, but it is also helpful in getting sleep.
Its cultivation began in America in the 1600s.

Lettuce Benefits and History: In India, salad means a mixture made from carrots, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, which can be eaten raw by adding salt and spices, but lettuce alone is a plant that has all their properties. Not only does it increase appetite, but it is also helpful in getting sleep. It is full of nutrients and contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the body. This plant is thousands of years old, but in view of the increasing digestive problems in the modern era, its use has increased a lot. Now it is being used a lot in junk food burgers, sandwiches etc.

Growing trend of eating lettuce

Today the whole world knows lettuce leaves and consumes it as a diet. It has thousands of varieties, including cultivars and wild ones, but four of its varieties are more popular for food. These include light green crisp, Augustana with narrow and thick leaves, cabbage-like capitata and longifolia with smooth and long leaves. Now it is also available in the form of yellow, golden, red and blue leaves. This salad was eaten mostly in Europe and America for years, but by the end of the 20th century it had spread to most parts of the world. Now the situation is that apart from being eaten normally, it is also implicated in veg-non-veg burgers, its thin layer is spread in sandwiches, then it is also offered by wrapping it around special types of dishes. Its combination is great with fried and grilled non-veg. There is no time to eat it, when you want to put it directly in the mouth or make it delicious by dressing. Today in America, after potatoes, the most vegetables etc., lettuce is eaten.

There are thousands of varieties of lettuce, including cultivars and wild ones.

Its varieties are shown in Egyptian tomb paintings

It is believed that lettuce came into existence 6000 years ago. Indian American botanist Sushma Naithani The countries associated with the Mediterranean Center (region of the Mediterranean Sea) have been described as the place of origin of lettuce. These include 21 countries. These include Algeria, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia etc. Food historians say that in Babylonian civilization it was eaten with oil and vinegar. Its various varieties are seen in the artifacts made in ancient Egypt, especially in the tomb paintings. Lettuce was being cultivated in ancient Greek and Roman times. At that time it was considered to be a inducer of sleep. It is also mentioned in the writings of Greek scholar and father of modern medicine Hippocrates (460 BC).

It is believed that lettuce came into existence 6000 years ago.

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Its cultivation started in America in the 1600s, after that it was also grown in the surrounding countries. By the way, in ancient times it was also believed that sex power also increases by consuming it, but there is no scientific evidence for this. Lettuce leaves were also considered to be full of medicinal properties from the very beginning. It is believed to have entered India through China in the 19th century. Now it is eaten a lot in the country. Lettuce has become so popular that multinational fast food chain companies have also added a separate salad dressing of lettuce to their menu.

Lettuce is rich in nutrients

Lettuce leaves have been considered very effective for the body. Its consumption increases appetite, sleep is also good and due to minerals and vitamins, it also protects against many diseases. The author of the book ‘VEGETABLES’ and Indian Agricultural Research Institute Senior Scientist Dr. Bishwajit Choudhary Has given the details of the nutrients of lettuce and has told that 100 grams of edible lettuce leaves have calories 22, moisture 93.4 grams, protein 2.1 grams, fat 0.3 grams, fiber 0.5 grams, minerals 1.2 grams, calcium 50 mg, phosphorus 29. Apart from Mg, Iron 2.4 mg, Potassium 33 mg, Vitamin C 10 mg, Magnesium 30 mg, Sulfur 27 mg, Vitamin A and other elements are also present. The special thing is that there is a slight variation in the properties of its varieties, but all the lettuce leaves are full of nutrients.

Due to minerals and vitamins, it also protects against many diseases.

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Consumption of lettuce leaves gives good sleep

A research by Texas A&M University, Texas A&M University in the US, has informed that lettuce has the properties of isolating depressant chemicals present in the brain, which reduces anxiety, calms the body, which leads to good sleep. comes. well-known Food Expert and Nutrition Consultant Nilanjana Singh According to, phylloquinone is also found in lettuce, which strengthens the bone and protects the heart. The vitamins found in it keep the eyes healthy and also increase the immunity of the body. The proper amount of Vitamin C present in it protects the body from infection. The iron present in lettuce increases hemoglobin and delivers sufficient amount of oxygen to the blood cells. This iron also keeps the muscles strong. The magnesium present in it produces energy in the body. It is also considered important for good sleep. Magnesium intake reduces the risk of diabetes.

Keep the digestive system healthy but eat fresh

Consumption of lettuce leaves helps in curing acne and keeps away from skin problems. Since, it is rich in vitamins, lettuce helps in revitalizing the skin by increasing the cell strength. It acts as an anti-aging in the body. Its regular consumption helps in removing toxins from the body. The amount of minerals found in it is not only important for the body, but also nourishes the hair. Its consumption also keeps the digestive system healthy. By keeping this system right, the chances of gaining weight are reduced. No major side effects have been reported from lettuce. It is important to wash it thoroughly and eat it. If it is not fresh then it can cause allergy problem.

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