Keedam Review: ‘Keedam’ has a way to fight the insects that came out of the gutter of the society

Have you been treated unfairly? If you have also responded to the person who did injustice to you in his own language and style, then you should watch this Malayalam film ‘Keedam’. If you haven’t answered then you should watch this movie so that you understand that staying silent every time is not a cure. Due to the new technology in the declining market of moral values, such insects have taken birth which can make the life of a common person hell. If these insects are not crushed by their own style, then they are born again, again, many times and continue their bad deeds. The film Keedam is the first step in the world of mobile hacking and cyber crime, where even the smallest criminal by fighting a little trick, poisons the life of a decent family and when the dice starts turning upside down on him, the criminal does not panic but his own Makes movements even faster. This film is a little half-baked but very dark document of today’s bitter reality. Everyone should see this film.

Radhika (Rajisha), a partner in a Bangalore-based cyber security start-up, lives with her widowed father and retired public prosecutor Mr. Balan (Srinivasan). Radhika’s number comes to an AC mechanic. From here the process of stocking Radhika starts. Calling from different numbers, sending obscene photos etc. Radhika goes to the police and the police asks her to drop the case as the arrested boys all come from poor sections of the society and they have no fear of jail or police. Radhika does not file an FIR at the behest of her father. The goons who escaped from the police start harassing Radhika and her father further. Radhika gets fed up with her partner Vijay (Rahul Riji Nair) and hacks the phones of these goons. Things start to turn when all the plans of these goons go awry as Radhika keeps on reporting them to the police. There comes a time when the goons kidnap Radhika and come out to kill her. With the help of technology, Radhika’s father and Radhika’s partner together with the police save Radhika from dying and all the goons are caught by the police.

The film is based on technology but the beauty of the entire film is that it does not contain words that only hackers can understand. Every dialogue of the film is such that even common man can understand. There are also no jugglery or magic scenes in the film. Everything is possible is believable because it is a Malayalam film. Last year there was another film on similar phone hacking and tracking “Operation Jawa” which was also liked because it did not contain any heavy technology words. Whose phone number is found on Truecaller, every phone number can access the person’s Facebook profile. If the phone number is blocked, you can call from another number. We know all this now. If the phone is hacked, then the entire data of the phone reaches the hacker, such as phone book, social media accounts, mobile banking data, right to turn on the microphone and camera…etc. Keedam depicts it very simply and hence the viewers can watch it without getting confused.

In Keedam, Rajisha plays a girl who is real. There is no drama. Being troubled by the terror of the goons, she does not pick up the gun, does not scuffle with them or with the help of policemen, does not eliminate them by summoning them to the deserted areas. She does what she knows i.e. hacking. Some scenes between Rajisha and her father Srinivasan are very touching. Mr. Balan, who has been a public prosecutor, also gets scared by the antics of these goons. When he says this to his daughter with a sore throat, then the writer, director and actor has to be praised for how clearly such a fine emotion, with such a wonderful intensity was shown. Rest of the actors have also done a good job especially the entire gang of goons. Mahesh Nair and Manikandan seem so believable as if they are actually criminals by birth. They do not kill the dialogues, but talk about harassing the girl like the chhichhore people. Creating hatred and fear together is a very difficult task and these actors have done it very well.

Keedam’s weakness is that the film tends to be too simple. While explaining cyber security is a very complex task, the film manages to do it easily, but still marginalizes the laws related to it and then the troubles caused by the police process. The audience does not know anything new except that do not go to the police, do something yourself. Looking at the complexities of cyber law and the speed of action taken by the police, if the speed of action taken by the police was explained a little better, then the audience would have got some information as well. In the film, the police also do not look fake and Vijay Babu as a high officer looks very knowledgeable and sensible when he himself does not ask Rajisha to file the case because he knows very well the future of such cases. If we had used this thing a little better, then perhaps the scene would have been more impressive and people suffering from the way the police work would have got relief.

‘Keedam’ is well worth watching. Rajisha and Srinivasan have done a great job. We have seen Rajisha in Karnan and Asuran with Dhanush earlier. Look at the insects of the society and also see a way to deal with them.

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