Keto diet has some disadvantages too, know which people should avoid this diet


Keto diet can cause hormonal imbalance, which can cause irregular periods in women.
If you have hypothyroidism then keto diet should not be followed.

Side Effects of Keto Diet: Keto diet is very much in trend these days and it is more in trend among people who are trying to lose weight. Yes, keto diet for weight loss has emerged as one of the best weight loss diet options. In keto diet, mainly the intake of carbs has to be reduced completely and foods rich in protein and fat have to be included more in the diet. Keto diet is also called ketogenic or low-carb diet. Due to less carbs and more fat in the diet, instead of getting energy from carbohydrates, the body starts taking energy from fat. However, before following this diet, the advice of a health expert or dietician must be taken. This is also important because sometimes following certain diets leads to disadvantages instead of its benefits.

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It has now been proved in many studies that keto diet is only a temporary way to lose weight. No one should include it in their lifestyle forever. The ketogenic diet should not be mistaken for a balanced diet, as this diet may not be suitable for everyone. Know which people and under what circumstances the keto diet may not prove to be suitable for you. let’s know Clinical Nutritionist Anshul Jaibharat What can be the disadvantages of keto diet.

Keto diet can have some disadvantages too

Clinical Nutritionist Anshul Jaibharat It is said that the trend of following keto diet to reduce weight has increased, but sometimes it also has some disadvantages. Keto diet may seem different in the beginning, but the long term effect is not true. Cravings increase by following this diet. In some people, bowel problems like constipation and bloating may occur. Extreme dryness is felt. Keto diet cannot be followed for a long time because after following it you get away from staple food. For those who have hormonal and intestinal problems, this diet is not suitable at all.

  • Anshul Jaibharat It is said that due to the keto diet, hormones can be imbalanced, due to which the periods of women can become irregular. Pregnant women should not opt ​​for a keto diet, as it can deprive them of essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. Whatever diet you follow, it is important that you maintain a healthy relationship with food. If you are not able to fully enjoy what you eat, then no food, diet can benefit you properly.
  • Many times, after following the keto diet, you may see symptoms like nausea, feeling vomiting, dizziness, lethargy etc. If this happens to you too, then understand that keto diet is not for you.
  • Many times, even after following the keto diet, the weight is not less than right. If your weight is also not reducing, then understand that this diet is not suiting your body.

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Who should stay away from keto diet

  • Pregnant women should not opt ​​for a keto diet, as it can deprive them of essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.
  • If you suffer from an eating disorder, then restrictive diets should be completely avoided, as it can make your health worse.
  • People who have hypothyroidism should not follow a keto diet, as it can adversely affect their hormone levels.
  • Children and teenagers should not follow the keto diet, as it can lead to a lack of many important nutrients in their body. This can hinder the development of their growing body and mind.

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