Khuda Haafiz 2 Review: Congratulations audience, Vidyut Jammwal has brought us a ‘storytelling action film’

Khuda Haafiz 2 Review in English: Vidyut Jammwal and Shivaleeka Oberoi starrer film ‘Khuda Haafiz chapter 2)’ has been released in theaters today. Director Farooq Kabir’s film is a sequel to the 2020 film ‘Khuda Hafiz’, in which once again you will get to see Vidyut Jamwal’s explosive action. ‘Khuda Hafiz’ was the story of a couple who go abroad for jobs but Sameer’s wife gets kidnapped as soon as they reach abroad. She falls into the clutches of a sex racket and Sameer rescues his wife from all this and brings her back to his country. ‘Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2’ is the story ahead of this.

Story: Sameer and Nargis’s life is no longer the same as Nargis is still unable to separate herself from her old memories. In such a situation, Nandani, who is his adopted daughter, enters his life. Sameer and Nargis try to start their life happily again but one day their daughter Nandani is kidnapped and everything is ruined. You will have to watch the film to know whether Sameer will be able to bring back daughter Nandini, will she get justice and what Sameer will do.

After a long time, ‘storytelling action film’ came
First of all, talking about the story of the film, where ‘Khuda Hafiz’, which came in 2020, was a film based on a true incident, while ‘Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2’ is completely a story. However, the way director Farooq Kabir has put together the events, this story seems to be a complete sequel. The only complaint I have from many action films that have come out in Bollywood in the last few times is that these films serve 10 kg of action, but in the name of the story, they do not even have 10 grams of power. Also, you forget the logic, but Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 has cleared my complaint. Made with an action hero, this film has a story and that too is so well threaded that it will keep you tied to your chairs.

The first half of the film is quite captivating and its pace is also very good. The first half will also make you very emotional. As the screenplay progresses, you will also sit on your chairs praying that Sameer may bring Nandani back. Although some things may seem drawn to you in the second half, but your hunger to see the action will be fulfilled only after the interval.

The film ‘Khuda Hafiz’ Chapter 2 is a sequel to the 2020 film of the same name.

Actor Vidyut Jamwal, not a martial artist
Talking about acting, Vidyut Jamwal has impressed me a lot. In Bollywood, there is a group of actors in the name of action-heroes, in which there are only a few heroes who are able to act with the same intensity. But in ‘Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2’, the way Vidyut brings out the nervousness, irritability and restlessness of a father on the screen, it reaches the heart. The screen space of Shivalika is less, but whenever she has come on screen, she has looked good. Sheeba is creepy in the character of Villain.

There are also some complaints…
See, even before this many films have been made around rape, an attempt has been made to give them their own kind of justice. ‘Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2’ also shows its own way of delivering justice in the end. Although these methods look good in films, but in real life I do not agree with these methods. But this is a film and which has its own justice. My second complaint is the way Shivalika’s character has been portrayed in the film. As a wife, I found the angle of leaving her husband alone a bit off.

Lastly I think there are very few films whose sequels can match the level of his first film, but Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2 is better than his first film, whose story is strong and the emotions are heart touching. . This film of Vidyut Jammwal and Shivalika Oberoi, made on a very important issue, like me 3.5 stars.

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