‘Kuttavum Shikshayum’ Film Review: Know the real method of police action ‘Kuttavum Shikshayum’

‘Kuttavum Shikshayum’ Film Review: The image of the police keeps changing with every new case. Sometimes she gets the credit for crushing the movements and sometimes for giving protection to the criminals. The common man who sees or understands the police proceedings from a distance, has a great influence on the image of the policemen in the films. A little more spice has come these days because nowadays even the policemen prefer to call themselves Singham. The reality is that it is a bit difficult to understand the huge responsibility of the police in law, politics, search for evidence, missing criminals and working with very limited resources.

It can be difficult for the police to get to the bottom of the crimes committed due to a conspiracy, it is also difficult to understand. The film Kuttavam Shishyam released on Netflix is ​​based on a real story. In this the police is the hero, but the hero is not the police. It is not that if they go out to investigate, they have any prediction of where the criminals will be found on the way. It is also not true that their third degree stories are true every time. Many difficulties also arise by them even after arresting the criminal and taking him to the right lockup. The film Kuttavam Shishyam is an untouched aspect of the real police action. The film is interesting. It is long for sure and takes some time to understand the ending but the film is entertaining.

In 2015, there was a robbery at a jewelery shop in Kasaragod, Kerala’s famous district. Its investigation was very difficult because the dacoits belonged to a remote village in Rajasthan and had come to work in Kasaragod. The Kerala Police had formed a team of 5 members who went out to investigate the village and bring these criminals to life. With limited resources, help from the local police, and a lot of hard work, Kerala Police, struggling with a language problem, reaches that village in Rajasthan and finds these criminals with great difficulty. Now the second part of the problem begins, to save these criminals the local people and their villagers attack the police. Can this team take out these criminals?

A live depiction of the straight, true and difficult action of the police is seen in this film. The story has been written by CB Thomas who himself is a policeman and was involved in this case. Srijit Divakaran and director Rajeev Ravi have done wonders in adapting it to the script. The aim of the film is to show the functioning of the police in the mirror of truth and not in a film way. In this, the hero does not fire bullets, the vehicles do not fly, the entire team of 5 members goes out together in a single Scorpio, the policemen of Kerala upset their stomach after eating the kachori of Rajasthan, the hotel where the SP of Rajasthan stays them in a lodge. It is not better than this, while keeping an eye on the caught criminal, the policeman also sleeps.

When the villagers attack the entire police team, the policemen do not spoil the blood by firing bullets, but they come out from the narrow lane and after reaching the police station, after running the vehicles, they breathe. The film’s lead character, Inspector Sajan Philip (Aasif Ali), opened fire on the agitators at one point in his career, killing a young boy. Although the seniors of the department and Saajan’s friends save him from this case, Sajan Tajindagi struggles with the weight of his mistake.

Apart from Inspector Sajan (Aasif Ali) in the performance, the work of Bashir (Alensier) is very strong. Bashir is about to retire very soon but he realizes that he is a Muslim and he also knows that if his junior makes a mistake then Bashir’s retirement may face difficulties. Apart from this, he was younger than the character and he has also done a good job, although they were all like fillers. The criminals were also very ordinary people, so the focus has not been kept on them.

Very few films have been made on this kind of police action and this is also the reason for the boredom in this film. There was absolutely no room for drama in director Rajeev Ravi’s plan to show the truth. Although Rajiv himself is a very successful cinematographer and his films have been excellent as a director, but this time he has missed the target a bit. I don’t remember much after the film is over. The film is nonetheless a good document. It should be seen so that people can also see a different type of narrative narration.

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