Liver transplant: 3 patients…55 medical staff…12 hours…6 surgeries, rare feat of Indian doctors

Gurugram: Liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. Liver itself gives essential nutrients to the body by digesting food or any diet. Its disturbance means deterioration of health. Due to liver damage, life becomes very difficult for humans, and on most occasions it is also fatal. But, medical science has progressed so much that now the facility of liver transplant is also available. Chief Liver Transplant Surgeon, Medanta Hospital, Gurugram, Dr. Arvinder Soin and his team have performed a rare liver transplant, which has been possible for the first time in India.

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Medanta Liver Transplant team has saved the lives of 3 patients for the first time in India by performing India’s First Three-way Liver Transplant Swap or Paired Exchange. The role of chief surgeons Dr. AS Soin, Dr. Amit Rastogi and Dr. Prashant Bhangui was important in carrying out this rare feat. A total of 55 medical staff along with him successfully performed this complex liver transplant surgery. According to Dr. AS Soin, patients with liver failure or last stage of liver cancer need liver transplant. But, liver transplant is not possible for every patient. Many patients are not financially capable, so many patients are not able to get the right liver pairing.

How three-way liver transplant became possible?
Apart from this, sometimes transplant is not possible due to non-availability of the size of the donor’s liver and the size of the patient’s liver. Apart from this, many problems come to the fore like not getting the same blood group or not getting the liver donor. Dr. Soin told that we make a list of such patients and name it as Family 1, Family-2 and Family 3…etc. Then we start matching in these close by. We match the right blood group and right liver volume in these families. This time three families donated liver among themselves and the lives of 3 patients were saved. The doctor told that the blood group match was not happening in Family 1. The liver volume of family 2 and 3 was not able to match.

According to him, in this surgery, Family 1 gave liver to the patient of Family 2, Family 2 to Family 3 and Family 3’s donor gave liver to Family 1. In a way, you could call it a three-way swap between 3 strangers. Madhya Pradesh businessman Sanjeev Kapoor, Uttar Pradesh businessman Saurabh Gupta and Delhi housewife Adesh Kaur needed liver transplant. All of them were life-threatening due to terminal liver failure, and an immediate transplant was necessary to save their lives. They were not in a position to wait for a donor, as it could take up to a year. For all three patients, there were donors in their families, but none of them was a suitable match. The Medanta Liver Transplant team made this possible through swap surgery.

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55 medical team did this surgery
Dr. Arvinder Soin, Chief Liver Transplant Surgeon, Medanta, appreciated the phenomenal achievement of his team. He said that a medical team of 55, including doctors and nurses, working simultaneously in 6 operation theaters for 12 hours, successfully completed this three-way swap liver transplant surgery. Sanjeev’s donor was his wife, blood group compatible. His partial liver would have been too small for Sanjeev. On the other hand, Saurabh’s donor his wife and Aadesh’s donor his son, both were not blood group compatible. Paired exchange was planned in such a way that all the three patients could get blood group compatible liver.

Keep your liver healthy like this
Dr. Soin says that 90% of the cases of liver damage are due to diabetes, increased lipid profile and obesity. He advised that people should first reduce their diet and consumption of fast food. Exercise and control body lipid profile. Apart from this, avoid the consumption of alcohol, which has a lot of effect on the liver. Also, Hepatitis B vaccine is now available in the market, definitely get it. He told that Hepatitis B and C spread like AIDS. Hepatitis B and C are both virus diseases, and spread through blood and fluids in the body. So always use new blade, needle. Avoid having unprotected sex.

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