Long Covid Symptoms: Make a strict distance from these substances, otherwise the symptoms of Long Kovid may increase


By changing our diet, we can reduce the symptoms of Long Kovid.
Patients with long covid symptoms also need adequate rest.

Coronavirus, Covid, Long Covid Symptoms: Corona Pandemic has affected the whole world. Even after almost two years have passed, the threat of this virus is still not completely over. After Corona, now the danger of Long Kovid is increasing rapidly. In this, symptoms of infection appear for about 12 weeks after the initial infection with the corona. In the recent past, the spread of Long Kovid has been seen in a large number.

According to the news of Times of India, some such routine activities of our life are also included which have spread the infection of Long Kovid rapidly. If we talk about some common symptoms of Long Kovid, then it includes tiredness, red eyes, headache, increased heartbeat after working a little. However, there are some ways by which we can avoid or reduce the symptoms of long covid. We have to avoid the consumption of certain substances that promote the symptoms of long covid.

what is histamine, Know its link to Kovid
Histamine is a chemical found in the human body that protects us from potential allergies. This chemical prompts us to sneeze and itch when we have itching. According to health experts, the symptoms of histamine and covid are almost the same. It was also seen in some long covid patients that they felt better after taking anti-histamine medicine.

change in food intake
Sometimes we can also control the symptoms of long covid by making changes in our food items. If long covid is the result of histamine intolerance then we will see changes when we change the food items but if there are some other reasons behind it then it will not be effective in any way. If you have any kind of problem of swelling due to consuming substances containing histamine, then you have to avoid it.

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Do not consume these substances at all
If someone is suffering from the symptoms of Long Kovid, then he should avoid curd, beer, alcohol, meat, old cheese, fried fish, as well as packaged foods in his daily life intake. All these foods often help to increase the symptoms of long covid.

Effects of eating a lot of histamine-rich foods
Histamine chemical controls the immune response in the human body and this hormone is released when we are in some way under any allergy, cytokines, stress condition. Eating more histamine-rich foods will increase its amount in the body and can cause symptoms like diarrhea, shortness of breath, headache, or skin irritation.

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Eat these things during long covid
Corona virus is a very harmful virus and it directly damages the immune system. To avoid or recover from it, we need to pay a lot of attention to our food and drink. Experts say that in order to recover our overall health faster, we should consume mostly fresh food made at home. Leftover means avoid eating stale food.

To avoid long covid, consume plenty of vitamin C. Consume more of oranges, peppers, strawberries, broccoli and potatoes. Include red apples, grapes, onions and berries in your diet. Use fresh vegetables every day. Along with eating, it is also very important to take adequate amount of rest during long covid symptoms.

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