Love hormone has enchanting power, can also cure heart injury, new research reveals


After a heart attack, if the inner wall of the heart is injured, then the healthy cells of the heart wall die.
Oxytocin transports stem cells derived from the outer layer of the heart to its middle layer

Love hormone and heart attack: Have you heard the name of love hormone? The love hormone is the oxytocin hormone. It is also called keep happy hormone. It is called the happy hormone because due to the effect of this hormone, we get happiness and joy. The oxytocin hormone has many other functions. It evokes a feeling of love and devotion towards each other. Strengthens the bond of love between two persons. This hormone also plays an important role in enjoying art and music. The effect of oxytocin gives pleasure in sexual relations. Regulates milk production and uterine contractions in women. Apart from this, testosterone increases the production of hormone in men. After so much important work, scientists have now discovered a way to regenerate heart cells after a heart attack with love hormones.

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Discovery could save millions of lives
newsmedical Researchers from Michigan State University have found in their study that oxytocin has another important function in zebrafish and human cell culture. This stimulates stem cells derived from the outer layer of the heart (epicardium) to migrate to its middle layer (myocardium) and develop into cardiomyocytes there. Cardiomyocytes are heart muscle cells that produce heart contractions. With this discovery, one day the damaged cells of the heart can be regenerated after a heart attack. In fact, when the inner wall of the heart is injured after an accident or heart attack, the healthy cells of the heart wall die. The heart has a very limited ability to repair or replace its own damaged or dead tissue. But in research, based on the function of oxytocin in zebrafish, it was claimed that due to the effect of oxytocin, one day the cells of the middle layer of the heart may also be encouraged to regenerate. If this happens, millions of people could be saved every year from complications after a heart attack.

Heart repair ability in zebrafish
Researchers said that oxytocin activates mature cells of the epicardium inside the heart to act as progenitor cells or stem cells. This will repair the damaged heart cells and the heart will become healthy again. Researchers have found in their study that the small fish zebrafish has an amazing ability to regenerate its organs. Despite the damage to the brain, retina, bone, skin and internal organs, it repairs itself. Actually, predatory fish enjoy eating the parts of zebrafish, but if even a quarter of the zebrafish is cut, then it repairs it itself. Whether it is heart or brain. In this, cardiomyocytes are partially spread throughout the organs. This is possible due to EpiPCs.

Increases RNA efficiency by 20 times
EpiPCs ie Epicardium derived progenitor cells. It is a stem cell whose activation can not only repair the wall of the heart but can also regenerate whole cells inside the heart. But the question is, how do zebrafish repair the heart so efficiently with the help of EpiPCs? Can we find a ‘magic bullet’ in zebrafish that artificially increases the production of EpiPCs in humans? Scientists said that this magic bullet is only oxytocin. Researchers found that zebrafish can repair damaged hearts within three days of injury. Because of the effect of oxytocin, messenger RNA is increased by 20 times.

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