Maize has settled in the food of Indians, from popcorn to baby corn, know the story of its properties

Maize ki roti and sarson da saag, Bhai wow what a taste! Both these dishes are delicious to eat and nutritious too. Maize flour roti is mostly eaten in winter, but maize (cow) can be eaten at any time. Maize flour and maize have become ingrained in our lives and it seems that it belongs to the soil of our country. But it is not that this delicious coarse grain is foreign and it has entered India only a few hundred years ago. By the way, now maize is grown the most among the cereals produced in the world. It is full of qualities.

Nowadays it is the season of corn. Go out on the street, turn, road, the corn will be seen roasting on the flame of coal. When this roasted corn is eaten after rubbing spices and lemon, the aroma and taste engulfs the heart and mind. Those tales of childhood will also be remembered, when children used to throw a thread in the knot of the corn to bring down the string of a flying kite. This knot used to do its exact job, because instead of stone, its size was fit for grip and weight was also fine. It seems that corn is with us after birth. But let us tell you that Mecca does not belong to the country of India and it has made its entry in India only a few hundred years ago.

Mecca does not belong to the country of India and it has made its entry in India only a few hundred years ago.

History is 9 thousand years ago

The research found that maize was cultivated about 9000 years ago in the Balsas River valley of south central Mexico. Later Mecca went from here to other parts of America. It is being cultivated in America since ancient times, which continues even today. Maize is not a grain of India, as there is no description of it in the religious texts of India or in the books of ancient Ayurveda. In these texts only wheat and barley are described. Wheat and barley earrings have been worshiped in Hindu scriptures and they are said to be very useful in Havan-Yajya. The crop of maize in India began to grow in the late 1600s and is now cultivated in most of the states.

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Agriculture is the largest in the world

Let us tell you that maize is the most cultivated of the grains grown in the whole world and it is at number one in America. Of the cultivated corn in the world, 35 percent of the corn is grown in America. After that, China is the second largest grower of maize. After this, maize is cultivated in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and India.


About 20 percent of the corn grown in the whole world is used for food.

The special thing is that maize is eaten the most in America itself, followed by China and Brazil. India ranks seventh in eating maize. By the way, only about 20 percent of the maize grown in the whole world is used for food, the rest is used for making poultry feed, animal feed, processed food, starch etc. apart from industries.

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Popcorn also increased

In the modern era, there has been a tremendous increase in the consumption of maize in the form of popcorn and baby corn. In the form of food, their trend is increasing all over the world. Dieticians say that eating popcorn is a habit (addiction) and Americans and Britons are crazy about it. The trend of baby corn has increased because it is nutritious, tasty and without cholesterol. It is also rich in fiber and pesticide chemicals are not able to enter its growing crop.


There has been a tremendous increase in the consumption of maize in the form of popcorn and baby corn.

Maize is full of nutritious properties

If we talk about the qualities, then the tendency of maize is sweet and cold. It is nutritious but also controls phlegm and pitta. According to dietician and homesafe Simmi Babbar, maize is beneficial for the heart. It also improves the digestive system. It also contains nutrients that reduce inflammation and pain. He said that eating more corn can cause flatulence. People who have problems with digestion, they should consume less corn, the reason is that it takes time to digest. If you eat corn after boiling, then it is most beneficial. It will also be digested and will also keep the stomach fit due to fiber.

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