Make lip scrub at home in these 7 ways and give shine to lips


Lack of water and cold air in winter takes away the moisture and beauty of the lips.
To bring back their softness, lip scrub made at home is very effective.
Lip scrub can be made by mixing many natural things in sugar, coconut oil and honey.

DIY Lip Scrub- Who doesn’t like soft and red lips. Lips are the main attraction of the face, to maintain their beauty and softness, people apply many types of lip scrubs. But as soon as bad weather like winter comes, the worst effect is on the lips. Lips start to look dry and lifeless and in such a situation, homemade lip scrubs prove to be effective in maintaining their beauty and softness. If lack of water, cold air and pollution are harming the lips, then with the help of these lip scrubs, you can get back the smoothness of your lips.

To make the lips clean, soft and healthy, it is very important to exfoliate them properly. Homemade lip scrubs give good results in this case because they do not have side effects and they keep lips soft and supple.

Ways to make a great and healthy lip scrub

Sugar and Shea Butter Lip Scrub
Shea butter is considered very healthy for the lips because it contains Vitamin-A and E in abundance. Moisturizes and heals chapped and lifeless lips. Mix equal quantity of shea butter and sugar together. Store it in a small glass utensil and massage the lips with this paste twice a day with light hands. After some time, after cleaning the lips with lukewarm water, you can use a good lip balm. Your lips will remain smooth and soft in every season.

Lemon and glycerin lip scrub
Lemon is also called bleaching agent. It is said to be the best exfoliator that removes dead skin from the lips. Mix a little glycerin and sugar in one spoon of lemon juice and mix it well. Scrub it by applying it on the lips daily and use lip balm after cleaning the lips.

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Raw Coconut Honey Lip Scrub
Coconut oil, being rich in anti-oxidants and fatty acids, moisturises and nourishes the skin of the lips. On the other hand, sugar acts as a scrub and honey is an anti-oxidant and moisturizer. Mix two spoons of coconut oil, one spoon of pure honey and a little sugar in two spoons of lukewarm water and massage the lips. After doing it daily for two minutes, the result will be visible soon and the lips will start to look soft and supple.

Orange Peel and Almond Oil Lip Scrub
Orange peel changes the yellow color of the lips to red, while almond gives natural nourishment to the lips as well as softens the lips. Bring orange peel powder from the market and take two spoons in a bowl. Mix two spoons of almond oil and a little sugar or brown sugar in it and massage it on the lips. Lips will soon be soft and glowing

Coffee and Honey Lip Scrub
You must have heard and seen coffee face packs too. Along with smoothening the skin, it also improves its complexion. Mix one spoon of honey in two spoons of coffee powder, mix it and scrub on the lips. Soon the lips will look beautiful and soft.

Vitamin E and Coconut Oil Scrub
You will find Vitamin E capsules at medical stores. This is very good for the skin. Apart from this, coconut oil will act as an anti-oxidant. Take out Vitamin E in a bowl. Mix two spoons of coconut oil, a little lemon and one spoon of sugar in it and massage the lips regularly. Lips will become healthy and smoothness will also come back.

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Beetroot and Almond Oil Lip Scrub
Nowadays beetroot has come in the market. Grate the beetroot and extract its juice and take it in a bowl. Prepare a scrub by mixing two spoons of almond oil, one spoon of lemon juice, one spoon of honey and a little sugar in it. With its regular massage, the lips will look fuller and their red color will also improve.

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