Meena Kumari Birthday

What she could not say to anyone, she kept writing on the paper. She kept quietly putting down the pain, the pain, the love and the unrequited love on the paper. She kept bringing out the love of love in the nazms, the love in which the name was deceived, the love in whose name it was used. She continued to fall in love with such a person who probably did not even know the meaning of love. That person did not want love, but wealth, fame. A very beautiful successful personality got lost in a failed relationship.

Today we are talking about the tragedy queen of Hindi cinema, Meena Kumari. She was awarded the title of Tragedy Queen for her portrayal of a serious and painful character. Today is his anniversary. Bollywood’s great actress Meena Kumari aka Mahjabin was born on 1 August 1933 in Mumbai. He made his debut in Hindi cinema at a very young age. The world of his unmatched performance is convincing. She has come a long way in a short life. His fans have settled him in their hearts. There was not only tragedy in his acting, but his character was filled with different colors. Yes, but it is true that she could not see the tragedy of her life while shedding sorrow, tragedy on the silver screen. But today we will remember Meena Kumari for her impeccable performance as well as her impetuosity.

An important part of Meena Kumari’s character was her poetry. She kept writing her life’s emptiness, sadness, unsuccessful love, waiting and with her sadness, she said goodbye to this world at the age of 39. In his poetry, loneliness oozes fervently. She used to write Kalam under the name of Meena Kumari “Naz”. Glimpses of his life were clearly visible in the ashras and ghazals written by him. She says:

We are explaining to the heart by saying this

They are gone now, they are coming now.

The lion written by him is:

No one could hold hands, no one could hold

Getting up close, someone went.

His life is seen in this lion. Meena Kumari’s life was as successful on the silver screen as it was in her personal life. She was engrossed in the pain of failed love. She was somehow handling the failed marriage. Carrying this love-filled relationship, he resorted to alcohol and drowned himself so that he might find peace. But it is said that the souls of some people are restless, they do not have any peace of mind. She continued to write this restlessness:

There is no want or need, death is so beautiful

If you are getting the lap of death, what is the need to stay awake?

It is said that whenever Meena Kumari used to go for outdoor shooting, her books were definitely with her. After pack-up, she used to either read books or write her feelings on paper. Sometimes late in the evening she used to come out of her hotel and take a walk because she liked to watch the moon. For the moon she writes:

I don’t know how many days the moon came out

Look no less Chandni has

has made a dweller on the sea

who see no way

But the footsteps are heard

Countless unseen footsteps arc.

Meena Kumari ruled the Indian cine world as an actress for 32 years. He also lived his characters in real life. She was very passionate. It is said for them that she said goodbye to this world while sharing happiness to others and hiding her sorrows. She would tell her pain in loneliness to the moon and then give it the form of Nazm. In one of her ghazals she writes:

The moon is lonely and the sky is lonely, where is the heart found?

Is this what life is called, the body is lonely and the soul is lonely

The last sher of this Ghazal tells the story of his character, his life. She writes:

Will see the way for centuries, it will leave where it is lonely.

Meena Kumari married director-producer Kamal Amrohi in 1954. At this time Meena was just 18 and Kamal was 34 years old. He was already married when Meena married Kamal. She got the status of Kamal’s second wife, but despite this, she spent 10 years with Kamal. The married life of Meena Kumari, who touched the heights of success, had reached a period of failure. Kamal Amrohi, the beautiful actress who took the highest fees in her time, even became a victim of assault. It is said that while climbing the stairs of success, Meena Kumari was knocking Kamal Amrohi. He would impose restrictions on them but Meena Kumari wanted to live life in her own way. In this upheaval, his married life became a battlefield.

To hide her loneliness and sadness and to get rid of her sorrow, Meena Kumari resorted to alcohol. She started living separately from Kamal Amrohi but she did not stop working with him. ‘Pakeezah’ became the last film of Meena Kumari and Kamal Amrohi. After separating from Kamal Amrohi, Meena Kumari got so addicted to alcohol that she went to death along with alcohol. Meena Kumari writes that while filling her dreams,

The day passed in pieces, the night was torn apart

The greater the scope was, the more gift was received.

Meena Kumari’s life was like the script of her film. Just like she lived the sorrow on the silver screen, in the same way she kept on living the sorrow in her personal life. With her best performance, Meena Kumari left the best Nazms, Ghazals and memories of her loved ones in this world. Meena Kumari is remembered by her loved ones with Mohabbat and Ehtaram. Wherever you are, may your soul rest in peace, with this prayer a very happy anniversary my favorite poet and actress.

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