National Doctor’s Day 2022: Health also improves by reading ‘prescription’ written by him

He is a doctor by profession. Some heal the disease of the heart and some cure the brain. Some help the nerves and some help us in preventing the weakening of the lungs. Today, when the country is celebrating Doctors Day, we should express our gratitude to all the doctors who have put themselves in the service of keeping the society and the country healthy. Those people whom we respectfully give the status of God. After the hard study of medicine, the process of treatment starts. Such a journey that lasts till the last breath, 24 hours seven days. Be prepared for emergency at all times. Keeping yourself updated about modern medical science and new information while curing patients. It is such a spirit that automatically awakens respect within us.

In the midst of such a hectic routine, something happens that keeps the doctors restless during the day and does not allow them to sleep at night. Something that compels them even in moments of peace to write a leaflet that will keep us healthy. Such a leaflet, which does not contain medicines, but life management tips are written. They compose literature, they keep sharing such sources on social media, which makes our life easier by reading it.

One such doctor is Dr. Gyan Chaturvedi. Born in Mauranipur (Jhansi) Uttar Pradesh, the work place of Dr. Gyan Chaturvedi is Madhya Pradesh. He was known as a cardiologist in Kasturba Hospital of BHEL Bhopal, but outside he is not recognized as a doctor of the heart, but as an effective novelist and an equally lethal satirist. Dr. Gyan Chaturvedi’s first novel ‘Hell-Yatra’, who started writing from the famous magazine ‘Dharmyug’ from the seventies, was very much liked. ‘Hell Yatra’ is a sarcasm on the behavior of doctors i.e. on their own business. The novel ‘Baramasi’ has been written on the Bundelkhandi landscape. The third novel ‘Marichika’ is written, which is a mythological saga. The novel ‘Hum Na Marab’ is based on the philosophy of death. In the latest novel ‘Swang’, the story of the ironic change of the entire Indian society on the pretext of a village has been told in an interesting way. In his novels, the colors of life are expanded, then the edge of satire sometimes tickles us, sometimes pricks us like a sharp thorn.

In Malwa, it is said with a sense of detachment from worldly life, to take the path of the Himalayas. For Dr. Ajay Sodani, a resident of Indore and an eminent nervous system specialist, going to the Himalayas is not a path to renunciation, but to show the way to a life that is getting derailed. Their mind resides on the Himalayas and they reach the Himalayas again and again on the lines of the Puni Puni ship. He has done 38 trips to the Himalayas so far. What’s the big deal in that they make frequent trips to the Himalayas? The great thing is that the memoirs of these trips are in our midst by becoming bookish and have become very popular. Dr. Sodani’s family trips to the Himalayas have been recorded twice in the Limca Books of Records. ‘Darra-Dara Himalaya’, ‘Darkate Himalaya by-by-by-door’ and the latest travelogue ‘Sarthvah Himalaya’ are not mere descriptions of travels. It appears to be a kind of research book. After reading his books, one feels as if we have done these journeys. Such an account that line by line we travel with the author. Get acquainted with the culture and people spread in the lap of Himalayas. With their eyes we see the Himalayas and with intelligence we enrich our wealth of knowledge.

And when there is talk of Jantar to know, understand life and open its secret boxes, then it is imperative to mention Dr. Anurag Arya, resident of Meerut. To say that he is a dermatologist, but the skill of solving the mysteries of the mind, which Dr. Arya found, makes him his admirer in the very first lesson of his writing. In his introduction on the social media platform Facebook, he writes- ‘To write is to be different from a convoy, to write is to stand in the confession box. Take a walk on Dr. Anurag Arya’s wall. If there is any confusion, any fear, any question in the deepest corner of the mind, then its bright answer will be found there.

If you want to see life in a new way, then Dr. Praveen Jha must be read. The creation of Dr. Praveen Jha living in Norway is world wide. Coolie Lines, Wah Ustad, Khushhali Ka Punchnama, Rinaishan, JP – From Nayak to Loknayak, Dastan-e-Pakistan, Ulti Ganga and Desh of Ghosts, Dr. Praveen Jha, author of the books on Facebook wall of books and various incidents of life There are interesting things. It is a unique experience for the readers to see and understand the events and themes from their point of view.

A Dr. Vinay Kumar lives in Patna, the capital of Bihar. He is the architect of ‘Patal’, the platform of literature, art and culture. His poems have created their own special fan base. For example, this creation:

oh my soul

never be so goat

that my way

decide the grass planted by the people and I

I have passed the path of a tiger going from one forest to another! (Vinay Kumar)

Dr. Vinay Kumar has written about his medical experiences in the past and this is a better way to know his sensitive side.

The poetry world of Dr. Kaushalendra Singh, resident of Fatehpur City, Uttar Pradesh is rich. ‘Bhini Ujer’ is his latest poetry collection. The present in his poems is dealt with with such a realistic face that the reader feels a comfortable connection. How good is his saying about books: If books are about to come, it seems that some old friends are coming to meet…

Stories make us aware of our reality. This reality of life is felt every moment in the story of Dr. Nidhi Agarwal, resident of Jhansi. She is one of the famous story tellers of our times. If you go to his Facebook wall, welcome such a collage of photos and writings derived from experiences with which you will be happy to spend a long time. Nature’s love is the specialty of their nature and in their travels, they keep on meeting us with the pleasant form of nature. The weaving and telling in the stories of Dr. Nidhi Agarwal, which are being published continuously in various journals, opens new avenues of thought.

Dr. Fateh Singh Bhati, a resident of Jodhpur City, Rajasthan, who became famous with the story collection ‘Pasarti Thand’, is in discussion due to his historical background novel ‘Umade’. This comment of journalist, storyteller, novelist Dhirendra Asthana on this novel of his is significant. Dhirendra Asthana writes – ‘This novel will continue to shine like Kohinoor in the line of historical novels. This novel is so much more interesting that I read it like hunger, thirst, alcohol, medicine, leaving the necessary work and reading it like the same madness I had read Chandrakanta Santati in my teenage days. Read this novel to know why the call of come to Rajasthan is called. If you want to know the meaning of Rajasthan, then include this novel in your priority.

This is a hymn. The names are many. If you look closely, you will find that when the doctors around us have tried their hand in the world of literature, they have given only a recipe to make the world better. We should also be grateful for this contribution of the doctors who are making our mind and psyche healthy on this Doctors Day.

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