National Nutrition Week 2022: What is the importance of nutrition in pregnancy? Know what to eat, what not to eat


National Nutrition Week is celebrated every year in India from 1 to 7 September.
By eating things rich in nutrition, the development of the baby in the womb takes place properly.
Eat foods rich in iron, folate, vitamin C, protein etc. in the diet.

National Nutrition Week 2022: National Nutrition Week 2022 is celebrated every year in India from 1 to 7 September. This entire week is dedicated to raising awareness about proper eating and nutrition. The government takes various initiatives during the ‘National Nutrition Week’ to raise awareness about proper nutrition. Seminars, Camps, Programs are organized.

Millions of children in the country are still victims of malnutrition. Not only this, due to lack of nutrients in the diet of most women during pregnancy, there is a lack of iron, calcium in the body, which is very harmful for the mother and child. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that special care should be taken of the food for the whole 9 months. With this, the baby will also be healthy at the time of birth. His physical and mental development will also happen in the right way. If there is a lack of essential minerals, vitamins, proteins in the diet of a pregnant woman, then along with the mother, the baby will also be weak. Clinical Nutritionist Anshul Jaibharat Know from what things should be included in the diet during pregnancy and what is the importance of nutrition these days?

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importance of nutrition in pregnancy

Anshul Jaibharat It is said that it is very important for every pregnant woman to take a diet rich in nutrition during pregnancy. Due to this, the development of the baby in the womb takes place properly. There is no need to eat heavy or double in all trimesters of pregnancy, but it becomes necessary to include nutrients in the diet in balanced quantity. These days it is important to eat foods rich in iron. As the blood becomes thinner, so does the hemoglobin drop a bit. In such a situation, things rich in iron, folic acid should be consumed. Do not make too many gaps between one mile to another. Avoid eating too much in one go.

essential nutrition during pregnancy

If you want you to be healthy for the whole 9 months of pregnancy, you do not have weakness or any kind of physical problem, then in your diet calcium, iron, folate (folic acid), vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B12, protein Be sure to include foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids etc. in the diet.

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what to eat during pregnancy

Anshul Jaibharat says that you should eat fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, fresh homemade food in your diet as much as possible. Iron is very important these days. Often women become deficient in iron in the body, which can be harmful for them as well as the baby. For iron, you can eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, beetroot, pomegranate, dry fruits, cereals, egg, red meat, guava etc. Some women also have the problem of constipation. For this, eat foods rich in fiber like oranges, lemons, raspberries, pears, strawberries, figs, guavas, bran flour, whole grains etc. Drink juice prepared from fresh fruits. To keep yourself hydrated, drink more water, as well as drinking lemonade, coconut water, you will get many nutritious elements. If you feel like vomiting, nausea, then consuming the fruit in the morning, smelling ginger also makes a big difference.

what not to eat during pregnancy

The more you pay attention to your diet during pregnancy, the more your child’s physical and mental development will continue. In such a situation, you should avoid consuming more oily foods, processed foods, junk foods, packaged foods, alcohol, red meat, more fatty and calorie-rich things, road side foods, soda, cold drinks etc. Keep in mind, avoid consumption of raw papaya, pineapple during pregnancy, as it sometimes increases bowel movement, which can lead to miscarriage. Too much tea, coffee should not be drunk.

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