Neeraj Pandey Birthday: The director who changed the course of Akshay Kumar’s career! Created panic from the very first film

Mumbai. Bollywood veteran director Neeraj Pandey has turned 49 today. Neeraj Pandey, who made thriller films, shook both the minds of the critics and the cash register of the box office with his very first film. Neeraj Pandi’s roots are also related to the historical state of Bihar in India but Neeraj comes from Howrah district of West Bengal.

Neeraj’s first film, ‘A Wednesday’, which came in the year 2008, did wonders. Through this film, Neeraj made a place in the hearts of the people and gave a new test to the audience in this era of Romcom. The story of Neeraj Pandey, a quiet, contemplative and visionary director who told stories out of league in cinema, began on 17 December 1973. Neeraj’s father was a resident of Arrah district of Bihar and worked in Bosch, a German company based in Howrah.

interested in art since childhood
Growing up in a small district like Howrah, Neeraj did his studies up to 10th standard at St. from Aloysius High School. Neeraj, who was interested in stories, poetry and poetry since childhood, remained devoted to art. After this Neeraj did St. Passed 12th from Thomas’ High School, Dasnagar and chose the path of Delhi. After shifting from a small town to the country’s capital Delhi, Neeraj kept sharp observations in life. This is the reason why there is a thin wall between the hero and the villain in Neeraj’s films, but the importance of their characters remains intact.

Started working after college
Neeraj, who studied English Literature from Avindo College, Delhi University, started his new journey with the degree. Neeraj formed a company named Dalmia Group which used to make TV serials. After this the year came in 2002 and Neeraj decided to go the way of Mumbai. Young Neeraj with his many dreams and hundreds of stories started trying to find land in Mayanagari. Neeraj came here and started making documentaries and short films.

Neeraj, who learned the skill of telling stories peacefully in the life of oblivion, continued to refine his talent and soon the year 2008 came. Neeraj’s film ‘A Wednesday’ was released. Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher and Jimmy Shergill starrer this film came into limelight as soon as it was released. The mind of the film critics was shaken and people also showered their love fiercely.

Told himself the story of the release of the first film
Remembering his first film release, Neeraj tells in an interview to News18, ‘I was busy for a long time. After completing the film, my wife and son insisted on a holiday. During this time I had to shift my house as well. On the day of release, we were holidaying in the mountains. In the evening, after a whole day of brain turmoil, I somehow climbed a hill and got phone signal and tried to send some messages and talk.

But it was of no particular use. But when I returned to Mumbai after 2 weeks, I had a smile on my face after seeing the review of the film. Through this film, Bollywood got a seasoned director. After this Neeraj’s work started. Neeraj also started producing films. Neeraj, who was looking for a good script for a few years, got a chance again.

Best film made again in the year 2013
The year 2013 came and Neeraj’s film ‘Special-26’ was released. Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher and Kajal Aggarwal starrer this film again did wonders. This film was also liked a lot. Neeraj guaranteed his success through this film. Bollywood running in sheep’s tricks had found a director who could tell thriller stories.

After this Neeraj is continuously making films. In the year 2015, Neeraj made ‘Baby’. Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher and Taapsee Pannu starrer film was also appreciated by the audience. After this, in the year 2016, Neeraj released the historical film. This film was of the then captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni: The Untold Story). This film crossed all the milestones of success. Even today this film is counted among the best films of Indian cinema.

Failure in one film so far
Neeraj’s film Aiyaary came in the year 2018. Manoj Bajpayee and Siddharth Malhotra starrer this film could not show any special feat at the box office and Neeraj was also made to realize his human failures. Now Neeraj’s film Chanakya is about to come. An announcement has been made regarding this film. Soon its further details will also come to the fore.

Apart from this, Neeraj has also produced many films and webseries. The recently released web series ‘Khakee the Bihar Chapter’ on Netflix was well received. Neeraj has produced this series based on the book by IPS officer Amit Lodha. This has been in discussion continuously for the past several days.

Hit given to Akshay Kumar’s career!
In a show on News18, when Rajeev Masand asked Neeraj Pandey that Akshay Kumar got a big jump in his career after the film Special 26, do you believe so? In response to this, Neeraj says that it is not so. Akshay Kumar is already a big star and it is fun working with him. We have done a few films together and have done a great job. There is a comfort with Akshay which makes it easy to work with.

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