Nenjukku Needhi Review: Article 15 is a slightly better version than the Nenjukku Needhi Remake

M Karunanidhi, his son and current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin and his son and Tamil Nadu MLA Udayanidhi Stalin, all three are/have been the flag bearers of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party. Udayanidhi Stalin is a settled actor and hence ensures the victory of the party when he takes the responsibility of campaigning for his party. It is said that when Udayanidhi Stalin saw Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Article 15, it was decided to remake it in Tamil language. However, Udayanidhi himself was so distressed by the practice of manual scavenging that he installed a robotic machine to clean sewers in his constituency Chepauk-Thiruvallikeni, just a week before Article 15 hit the theatres. Nenjuku Neeti movie is available on sony liv, and those who have seen article 15 of 2019 would like to call it a great Tamil version and not a remake because article 15 was set in Uttar Pradesh and this movie tells the real story of Tamil Nadu countryside And the Tamilization of the environment has been done in a very delicate way.

The name of the autobiography of M Karunanidhi is Nenjuku Neeti and the film was also named as Nenjuku Neeti with the intention of honoring the defender leader of the downtrodden and downtrodden like him and it means justice for the heart. The arrival of a new police officer in the village should be a matter of great stir, but it does not happen because the people of this place have accepted in their hearts that the job of the rich is to exploit, the job of the poor is to be exploited and humiliated. Many challenges already arise in welcoming the new posting of Vijayaraghavan (Udayanidhi). Police is the only exploiter in the village. There is such a horrific division of caste that even the water given by the hand of a constable of the lower caste is not acceptable and the food prepared by the lower caste woman is just thrown on the road and many children of the lower caste eat that food with tempting eyes. They remain on sight. To clean the gutters in the village, people still take their almost bare bodies into the sewer and take a dip and take out the dirt of the drain. Huh. An upper caste constable does not listen to a lower caste inspector. In such a situation, three girls from Dalit families go missing and the bodies of two are found hanging from trees. It is said to be honor killing, while trying to understand the politics of the village, Vijayaraghavan reaches out to the local leader and then he comes to know that Vijayaraghavan’s bodyguard himself was also involved in the rape and murder of those girls. Well, the third girl is found and the curtain on the crime is lifted. The CBI officer gets in the way of Vijayraghavan, but because of the evidence, even his threats are of no use.

The film has become better than Article 15 at some point. There is some innocence in Udayanidhi Stalin’s face but his performance is like that of a fine IPS officer. He does not become a film hero, he does not do any work outside the purview of the law. His acting is also top notch and looks better than Ayushmann. This role of Udayanidhi will also prove to be good for his political career as he is exposing a problem that has been defining Tamil Nadu politics. The Constitution does not give the right to suppress the voice of Dalits, Udayanidhi will be able to incorporate this thing better in his politics if he wants. The role of the rest of the cast is small but the acting is powerful.

Dinesh Krishnan’s camera work slowly hurts the mind and brain of the audience. Some scenes are so gruesome that the weak hearted should keep their eyes closed and the strong hearted should be ashamed. Editing is by Ruben and directed by Arunraja Kamaraj, who had earlier made a successful film titled Kanna but is better known as a playback singer. The film did not remain a remake, so it had to be drenched in the colors of the Tamil Nadu countryside. Arunraja has done this work very beautifully. While Article 15 was getting a bit dramatic, the Nenjuku policy, despite being a Tamil film, did not turn out to be that dramatic. No dramatic camera, no weird shots and random action in which the hero fights like a superhero. If you have seen Article 15, then the Nenjuku policy may not be fun to watch but the film is wonderful. How the soul of Hindi film has got the body of Tamil language, it should be seen.

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