Nirahua Biopic: IT professional Ashok Prasad turned filmmaker, going to make biopic for the first time in Bhojpuri

Till now we – you and everyone have seen that biopics have been very popular in Bollywood and South cinema only. A lot of films were made based on people’s lives and true events, which also got a tremendous response at the box office. Some even made new records at the box office. In such a situation, now it is also being started in Bhojpuri. It is being started with the biopic of Bhojpuri’s Jubilee star and Azamgarh MP Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua. In this, you will be shown all the ups and downs related to his life and the journey from being an actor to a leader. The producer of the film is none other than IT professional Ashok Prasad (Abhishek), who has just turned into a producer from an IT professional. So let us tell you about them…

Ashok Prasad (Abhishek) has been working as an IT professional for 20 years. After working in many fields, he has appeared as a film producer. He is also producing films in many regional languages ​​including Hindi under the banner of his banner Iev Era Films. Ashok Prasad Abhishek is one of the newest and young talent of the country. He pays deep attention to his work and this is what inspired him to become a part of the Indian film industry. He has worked with many top artists including Ravi Kishan, Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua and Manoj Tiwari. He is also a well-known producer and director of many great short films.

Ashok Prasad (Abhishek) is a multi-talented person who has worked in various fields like IT Services, Share Marketing, Investing, Crypto etc. before entering the film industry. Ashok Prasad (Avishek) started his journey from IE Era IT to IE Era Trending in the year 2000 and started his journey as a Film Producer by forming IE Era Films Company, but soon also a Director and Film Financier. became. When Ashok Prasad Abhishek intended to make the first film, its title is also quite interesting. Yes, the name of the film is ‘Actor to Politician’. And the interesting facts are that this will be Bhojpuri’s first biopic film.

Ashok Prasad Abhishek is a resident of Kolkata

Ashok Prasad Abhishek is a resident of Kolkata. Abhishek felt the life of Bhojpuri’s singer Hero Nirhua on screen, just as Nirahua became a Bhojpuri film star from a folk singer and Manoj Tiwari became a superstar after Ravi Kishan. Then became an MP from Azamgarh, so this is the real story of becoming a politician from an actor. It is a matter of coincidence that Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari have also turned actors from politicians. Ashok Prasad Abhishek selected these three artists for this subject.

Pakhi Hegde and Amrapali will also be in lead roles

A grand Muhurta was done in Deoghar, the city of Baba Baidyanath. All three stars and MPs Ravi Kishan Shukla, Manoj Tiwari Mridul and Dineshlal Yadav Nirhua were present on this occasion. In this film, the story of the struggle of Nirahua’s life will be seen in an entertaining and inspiring form. Santosh Mishra is its writer and director. Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari will also be in special roles along with Nirhua in the film. At the same time, Pakhi Hegde and Amrapali Dubey will also be a special attraction of this film.

Ashok Prasad Abhishek, who has a higher education from London, has amazing experience in IT business and event management and has made full use of all those experiences in his first presentation. Why did Ashok Prasad Abhishek produce Bhojpuri film as his first film? In this context, Ashok Prasad Abhishek says that after doing a lot of research, he agreed to make a film in this language. He thought it better to produce a Bhojpuri film and with Dinesh Lal Yadav he made this film which is based on the real story of Nirhua’s life or you can also call it Nirhua’s biopic. Ashok Prasad Abhishek also believes that today the stamp of regional films has been removed by reaching the common people of world cinema. Now the quality of the film is seen, not its language or actors. The success of South films has broken all the formulas.

Sources say that after this film, Ashok Prasad Abhishek’s next project will be in Hindi and whose title is also very cool ‘It in Society’. In such a situation, now it has to be seen that what changes Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua Biopic brings in Bhojpuri film industry.

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