Not only Alia, these 9 Bollywood actresses also got pregnant before marriage! Sridevi to Malaika’s name is

Mumbai. Even before marriage, the news of pregnancy remains in the headlines in Bollywood. Recently Alia Bhatt has given birth to a daughter. Alia Bhatt got married on 14 April this year. Alia shared the news of her pregnancy only after two months of marriage.

But people started trolling Aaliya when Aaliya gave birth to a baby girl on 6 November. People talked about this on social media about Alia being pregnant even before marriage. But even before this, there are many actresses in Bollywood who are stuck in this cycle. From Sridevi to Malaika, the news of everyone getting pregnant after marriage was in headlines.

1- Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt started her new life with Ranveer Kapoor on April 14 this year by taking 7 rounds. About two months after this, in June, Alia had shared the news of her pregnancy. Recently, on November 6, Alia has given birth to a daughter. In such a situation, it was being said that Alia Bhatt had become pregnant before marriage. Aaliya got married only after pregnancy.

Bollywood actress Sridevi married filmmaker Boney Kapoor in the year 1996. Even at the time of Sridevi’s marriage, there were reports that she had become pregnant before marriage. There were also reports in many media reports that Sridevi was 7 months pregnant at the time of marriage. Sridevi’s first daughter is Jhanvi Kapoor. Who was born in 1997. However, Sridevi never spoke openly about this.

3- Neha Dhupia
Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia married her boyfriend Angad Vedi on 10 May 2018. Even after Neha’s marriage, there were reports that Neha got married only after getting pregnant. On 18 November 2018, Neha gave birth to a child in Munich. Since then, there were continuous reports that Neha had become pregnant before marriage. Neha later also said that she did not get any job offer from anywhere during her pregnancy.

4- Neena Gupta
Actress Neena Gupta is no less than an icon among women today. Neena had an affair with cricketer Vivian Richards in the 80s. Both of them had a relationship and Nina became pregnant. But Vivian later refused to marry. But Neena did not give up and gave birth to a daughter. Today Nina is praised a lot for this step.

5- Mahima Chowdhary
Actress Mahima Chowdhary married her boyfriend Bobby Mukherjee on 19 March 2006. Even during the marriage of the woman, there were reports that Mahima had become pregnant before marriage. Mahima got married only after this.

6-Konkona Sen Sharma
The name of actress Konkona Sen Sharma is also counted in this list. Konkona’s name is also counted among actresses who get pregnant before marriage. Konkona Sen Sharma married actor Ranveer Shourie in the year 2010. However, both of them later parted ways. There were also reports about Konkona Sen Sharma that she had become pregnant before marriage.

7-Kalki Koechlin
Actress Kalki Koechlin also announced her pregnancy before marriage. Baby bump was flaunted while posting a photo with Kalki’s boyfriend Guy Harshvarg. Today Kalki is living the life of a happy mother. Also active in the world of acting.

8-Celina Jaitley
Actress Celina Jaitley lives in Austria these days and is very happy with her family. The same news had come to the fore about Celina Jaitley, who was once dominant in Bollywood on the strength of her beauty. It was said in the headlines that Celina Jaitley got married only after pregnancy.

9- Malaika Arora
The news of Bollywood actress Malaika Arora’s pregnancy has also been in the headlines. Malaika married Arbaaz Khan. After this both of them got divorced. Some time ago the news of Malaika’s pregnancy came to the fore. Malaika had to face a lot of trolling regarding this. Although Malaika had categorically denied these reports.

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