One out of 4 women in the country are self-absorbed at home, unplanned pregnancy is the main reason

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New Delhi. Even though there is a lot of discussion going on in the country on the empowerment of women, but the reality is different. CNN-News 18 recently investigated this and shocking information came to the fore. An analysis of government data for 2019-21 shows that even today one in 4 abortion women or girls in the country is at home. Do it by myself. Not only this, almost half of the women involved in the study say that the main reason for abortion was unplanned pregnancy. Government data also reveals that the percentage of women having self-abortion at home has also seen an increase of 1 per cent compared to the analysis done in 2015-16.

The National Family Health Survey-5 report shows that nearly a quarter (27 per cent) of abortions are performed by women themselves at home. This practice of abortion at home is more common in rural areas (28.7 percent) than in urban areas (22.1 percent).

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The first choice for abortion is the doctor (in 55 percent of cases). After that, women themselves (27 percent) do abortions at home. 48 percent of women cited unplanned pregnancy as the main reason behind this. After which their health further does not allow them to conceive again. Not only this, 10 percent of the women said that the reason for having an abortion was the very young age of their first child when they conceive again.

public vs private
According to NHFS-5, most abortions are performed in the private health sector (53). Whereas the percentage of abortions done in the public sector i.e. government hospital is 20%. During 2015-16, more than a quarter of abortions were performed by women themselves at home.

what is the condition of the states
Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, had the highest number of self-absorbed abortions (34 per cent). After this, about 30 percent people got abortions done by health workers like doctors, nurses, ANMs. The two most important causes of miscarriage were the first unplanned pregnancy (50 per cent) and complications during pregnancy (14 per cent). Most abortions (39 per cent) were performed at home, followed by about 38 per cent in the private sector and in private hospitals.

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Most abortions in Rajasthan
In Rajasthan, most abortions (38 per cent) were performed at home. After this, the number of abortions going to the doctor was 36 percent. Three main reasons for abortion were revealed – the first was an unplanned pregnancy (61 percent) and the number of abortions due to complications during pregnancy and health permits was 6 percent.

Two reasons for abortion in Delhi
Two important reasons for abortion were revealed in Delhi, the first was unplanned pregnancy (74 percent), the second was problems during pregnancy (5 percent). Here about 49 percent abortions were done in private hospitals. At the same time, the figure of abortions in public hospitals was 16 percent. However, here more than half the abortions were done by the doctor.

private hospital first choice
Similarly, the reasons for abortion in Tamil Nadu were non-cooperative (31 per cent) and unplanned pregnancy (30 per cent). A large number (65 per cent) chose a private hospital for abortions, while the number of those who went to public hospitals was 26 per cent. Here 80 percent of abortions were done by doctors.

Unsafe abortion also a reason for maternal mortality
Unsafe abortion has been a major factor behind maternal mortality. However, it can be stopped. Medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) has also been legalized in India since 1971, but people’s access to health services is still a challenge, especially in remote and rural areas.

The share of unsafe abortions in the Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) is 8 per cent. The future reproductive health of women who do not adopt safe abortion is also affected. While many policies have been made in the country regarding safe abortion. Not only is abortion legal and available in health facilities, one of the most common reasons is the lack of awareness about it; Because of which women put their lives at risk.

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