Online Therapy: What is online therapy, know about its advantages and disadvantages

Online Counseling Pros and Cons: The corona pandemic has badly affected our lives. The pandemic has completely changed the way we live our lives. There are many such works which we used to do in the second place, all of them have now shifted to the digital platform. Like online education of children or online office work nowadays. If the impact of the epidemic has been the most in any area, then it is the field of medicine. Where people earlier used to go to the doctor for a small disease, now they take online advice from the doctor for the advice of a major disease.

ThriveWorks According to this, the craze of online therapy and online counseling has increased rapidly in the last few days. Online therapy is generally meant to strengthen mental health where experts make people mentally strong. Online therapy or counseling usually takes place over live video chat, messaging app, email or phone.

what is online therapy
Online therapy is a new way of treatment. Where there used to be e-person therapy a few years ago, in which treatment was done in the doctor’s office, now it is done digitally. One of the biggest advantages of online therapy is that if you talk to an expert in the environment of your home, then you can openly talk about it. In online therapy, you can sit in any corner of the world and talk to a health expert.

Benefits of Online Therapy (Pros of Online Counseling)
Social fear over Earlier, there used to be many types of social hazard in knowing the patients to the doctors. Often when there was a major illness, people used to think that what will people say when they see me. Now in online therapy, this fear is over from the minds of people.

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There are many experts available: In e-person therapy, where you get only one expert, in online therapy, you get the advice of many experts at the same time. This saves your time as well as money.

Experts provide more convenience: In online therapy, only one patient is available with an expert at a time, this gives you more convenience. Experts listen to your words without haste, but in eperson therapy, there is also a hurry to see other patients.

Call or message facility: One of the biggest benefits of online therapy is that you also get a chance to communicate personally with your experts. If needed, you can call the health expert or you can also message.

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Cons of Online Counseling

Poor relationship with patient When you regularly visit your expert for several days, it creates a practically emotional connection. One of the biggest advantages in its treatment is that due to strong mutual relationship, the doctor is able to understand the problems of his patient properly and due to this the treatment is also better.

Insurance does not cover: One of the biggest downsides of online therapy is that some companies do not cover online therapy. Due to lack of insurance cover, it can prove to be very expensive for some people.

Lack of trust in technology Today the world is moving fast. Many tasks of everyday life have started being done on digital platforms, but even now there is a large population that is unable to use digital platforms properly or some people are afraid of losing their privacy. In such a situation, people are able to express less confidence in getting treatment through digital medium.

Less effective on critically ill: Online counseling is often effective and successful on most occasions, but if you have a serious mental illness, then online therapy may not prove to be very effective. A serious mental illness may require in-person therapy so that your counselor can better understand what you are going through and what you need.

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