‘Operation Romeo’ Film Review: It is not known what has been tried to say through the film

‘Operation Romeo’ Film Review: The recently released film ‘Operation Romeo’ on Netflix is ​​like an inexplicable puzzle. Abujh because the story of the film takes place in Mumbai and due to less space in Mumbai, the loving couple often keep looking for such places which will give them some comfort and some solitude. No one bothers the loving couples in Mumbai. The police also treats them very politely and politely and if the police have to drive them away, they ask them to leave by saying clearly and the couple also obeys the police and leaves from there and some other place. Let’s search.

Nothing like this happens in Operation Romeo. A man from Mumbai is sitting with his girlfriend in his car in the parking lot of a hospital, he is harassed by policemen and takes money. This does not happen in Mumbai. That’s why Operation Romeo, which is a remake of a Malayalam film ‘Ishq’, becomes incomprehensible.

Aditya Sharma (Siddhant Gupta) goes on a drive from Andheri to Mumbai’s South Mumbai area to celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend Neha (Vedika Pinto). Parking their car in a hospital parking lot, they are about to kiss when two men named Mangesh Jadhav (Sharad Kelkar) and Patil (Kishore Kadam) come there who make a video of them and then start threatening them. . It is night time, Aditya and Neha panic and taking advantage of this, Mangesh and Patil extort money from them.

When Aditya is withdrawing money from the ATM, Mangesh enters the car and starts abusing Neha. As soon as the matter is settled by paying the money and Aditya goes in his car to drop Neha to her hostel where Neha insults her. Talks between the two stop and Aditya does not even pick up Neha’s phone. A few days later, when Aditya again goes to the parking lot of the same hospital, he learns that Mangesh is not a policeman but an ambulance driver and Patil is a tailor.

Aditya reaches Mangesh’s house and does the same thing with his wife and daughter, due to which Mangesh gets enraged and there is a fight between the two, but Aditya beats him and puts his reality in front of his wife. Aditya leaves from there and takes Neha for a walk outside, where Patil is locked in his trunk. Patil apologizes to Neha. Aditya starts proposing to Neha but Neha refuses him.

Strangely, it is impossible to have such an incident in Mumbai, this is the first thing. Policemen harass anyone there without talking, such stories do not happen now. The puzzling riddle was that usually a boy can do long drives to propose to his girlfriend, but he cannot choose an empty hospital parking lot for that. Generally this work is done in a restaurant or any romantic place. Neha is from Rajasthan and her family members are very traditionalist and they are worried about their girl child.

Neha loves the freedom of Mumbai but does not understand why she agrees to kiss in the car. Aditya’s sister is getting married and in the midst of all this, how does he remember to propose to his girlfriend? Sharad Kelkar pretends to be a cop and threatens Aditya and Aditya gets scared too. Culture contractors or moral police are never seen behaving like this in Mumbai. In Mumbai, everyone has a habit of asking opposite questions to the police. Every Mumbaikar knows enough Marathi to settle the matter.

It would have been better if this story had happened in any other city. How does Kishore pick up Kadam from Aditya Taylor’s shop and put it in the trunk of his car? When Aditya goes to Sharad Kelkar’s house, how does his wife allow him to enter the house? This also does not happen in Mumbai.

Operation Romeo with many unanswered questions seems to be incomplete. Sharad Kelkar and Kishore Kadam are expert players of the game and their acting is good. Not more than two-three expressions can come on Siddhant Gupta’s face. Even when he is behaving like a ruthless villain at Mangesh’s house, it still feels strange. The character of Bhumika Chawla has been wasted. Vedika is beautiful, very long career is not expected. The film also has three songs written by Manoj Muntashir and composed by MM Cream, which do not matter even if they come in the film, while the songs are good.

Shashant Shah, the director of the best films like Dasvidaniya and Chalo Dilli, has directed this film. Settling the film in Mumbai was his biggest mistake. The film raises a good issue. Viewers are also tensed for a long time as to what Sharad and Kishore will do with Siddhant and Vedika and whether Sharad misbehaved with Vedika, but when Siddhant comes back to Vedika in revenge, Vedika proposes to him. Didn’t digest the rejection a bit. The film can be kept in the time pass category only.

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