Oral cancer: Common-looking symptoms can also be fatal, know causes and ways to avoid


To avoid oral cancer, the lips and skin should be protected from the sun.
Oral cancer usually begins in thin cells.

Oral Cancer, Oral Cancer Causes: Oral Cancer Symptoms: A healthy body cannot be found only by exercise or yoga. As much as yoga and exercise are necessary for external fitness, we have to take care about the internal health of the body. A healthy body begins with a healthy mouth as it is the gateway to the health of our body. The most deadly disease occurring in the mouth is ‘mouth cancer’. Many times people fall prey to it because of their mistakes and by the time their attention goes to it, this disease has taken a very big form.

The easiest way to avoid this is to get your mouth properly examined once a month so that you can know the signs of its occurrence in advance. If you have any sudden sores in your mouth or you often have blisters in the mouth or if there is bleeding from the mouth for a long time, then you should contact the doctors immediately.

Hindustan Times According to the news of HCG Cancer Hospital, Mumbai’s Head and Neck Onco Surgeon Dr. Ankit Mahuwakar told that oral cancer starts from squamous cells. Excess consumption of tobacco and alcohol is the main cause of oral cancer. However, many times it has also been found in people who did not consume tobacco and alcohol.

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According to experts, oral cancer usually starts with a white or red color wound in the lips or mouth, which is often a problem of bleeding. It seems to be a common problem to see but it is a major and early symptom of cancer. If you have red or white sores in your mouth for the first time then it is common but if it happens for the second time then it is important to pay attention to it. Second-time lesions in oral cancer may persist for more than 2 weeks and may spread to other parts of the mouth at a very rapid rate.

If there is oral cancer and it is not treated on time, then it slowly spreads to the muscles and then its discomfort starts reaching the skin and bones. If it is not treated during the initial symptoms then later treatment is almost impossible.

cause of oral cancer
Dr. Ankit Mahuvakar said that when there is a mutation in the DNA of the cells of the lips or mouth, many cells also die during this time. The problem of tumor arises due to the meeting of many abnormal cells and it slowly starts turning into cancer. With the passage of time, it spreads throughout the mouth. Oral cancer usually begins in the thin cells that are usually found on the inside of the cheeks and lips.

According to experts, smoking cigarettes, consuming tobacco and consuming alcohol increases the chances of oral cancer manifold. Due to cancer, the body’s immune system is also unable to function properly.

symptoms of oral cancer

  • Swelling in the mouth, swelling of the lips or gums, a lump on the inside of the cheek, apart from this, there are frequent red or white blisters in the mouth.
  • Sudden sores inside the mouth and then bleeding
  • Numbness in the face, neck or mouth, not feeling anything.
  • Recurrent sores on the face or neck or mouth that last for more than two weeks. Bleeding from these wounds.
  • Many times a day you feel that something is stuck in the back of the throat. Difficulty in chewing or swallowing.
  • Difficulty in moving the tongue. Pain in the jaw or ear.
  • In cancer, the weight of the patient also suddenly decreases.

According to Dr. Ankit, oral cancer can be prevented provided its early symptoms can be caught and at the same time the factors that promote it can be banned. People who are addicted to tobacco or smoking should try to stop it. The risk of getting oral cancer increases when chemicals are used excessively. Consumption of alcohol causes irritation in the cells, which increases the chances of cancer.

Dr Ankit Mahuvakar said, “Brachytherapy involves the treatment of oral cancer, in which a part of the tongue or jaw bone or lymph nodes are removed. Early detection of oral cancer can reduce the chances of it growing or spreading further.

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