‘Ovarian cancer’ is fatal for women, do you have these common serious symptoms?


Many symptoms of ovarian cancer seem like a common disease, due to which people ignore it.
If pain is felt in the lower part of the abdomen for several days, then it can also be a sign of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms: Ovarian cancer is also known as ovarian cancer. In medical terms, it is also called ovarian cancer. This cancer mainly occurs in women only. In common parlance, this cancer was also called the silent killer because the initial symptoms of its occurrence are not visible. However, later in the research done about it, it came out that it is not as secret as it was understood. It has some symptoms which can be recognized but people do not pay attention to them because these symptoms are not very different.

Knowing about ovarian cancer is very important because about 70 percent of women suffering from it are treated when the cancer has passed several stages. If this cancer occurring in the ovary is detected at an early stage, then about five years can be lived. But if it has reached the upper stage then the chance of survival for the next five years is only 28% to 40%.

rush dot edu According to the news of women, often women ignore the early symptoms of ovarian cancer just because they feel that the problems are happening due to aging and weight gain. Gynecologist Amina Ahmed says that due to this neglect of women, ovarian cancer becomes very difficult to detect while it is the most treatable.

Do not ignore these symptoms at all
Health expert Amina Ahmed says that if women see any kind of change in their body and they do not get better in a few days, then their doctors should be consulted immediately. If after a few days of treatment, everything is not as normal as before, then it is a serious sign. Dr. Ahmed says that from the beginning of ovarian cancer, some different symptoms start appearing, which are very important to recognize.

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Inflammation: Almost every woman experiences bloating in her abdomen at one time or another. Sometimes the feeling of fullness of the stomach, which causes a lot of discomfort in the daily routine. Whereas it is a normal thing to have bloated stomach. Swelling around the menstrual cycle and persisting for several weeks is a major sign of ovarian cancer. The persistence of swelling in the stomach can be a red sign for you, which you have to understand.

being constipated
If you are suffering from constipation problem for many days then it can also be a sign of ovarian cancer. Experts say that if you understand any changes in your stomach, whether it is internal or external, then definitely consult an expert.

prolonged pain
If you feel pain in the abdomen or its lower part in the last two or three weeks, then it can also be a sign of ovarian cancer. Here it is important to keep in mind whether this pain is new for you or has happened before. Such pain cannot be ignored by any means. If you change your diet and the pain subsides, it can be normal.

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The most difficult thing in ovarian cancer is that its symptoms are very similar to common diseases, due to which people usually do not catch its early stage. Dr. Ahmed says that this is the reason why people reach for treatment when this cancer has crossed several stages.

bladder changes
One of the hallmarks of ovarian cancer is if you suddenly have some problems in the toilet for several days. Like feeling of pain while urinating, burning sensation. People often consider such problems as an infection and it gradually starts giving a lot of problems.

Apart from this, if you have frequent urination then it can also be a sign of ovarian cancer.

Dr. Ahmed says, “If these urinary symptoms are new to you and last for more than several days, it is a big problem. In such a situation, you must definitely consult your expert.

difficulty eating
If you are suffering from ovarian cancer you will not feel hungry. Although this is a common symptom in appearance, but it is a big sign of ovarian cancer. If you are now able to eliminate even less food with great difficulty and you have a new symptom then you should contact the doctor.

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