Panic and Anxiety Attack: You are troubled by panic and anxiety attacks, follow these 6 home remedies to get instant relief

Anxiety Panic Attack: Both these diseases of anxiety and panic have become common in the present era. You must have heard about them from someone near you. In the changing environment, everyone falls in the grip of such diseases at some point or the other. Anxiety attack and panic attack are two different diseases, but sometimes people consider both to be the same. If these diseases are not treated at the right time, then they can also become the cause of many other diseases.

Anxiety and panic sound a lot alike, but they are not. Anxiety is a type of mental disorder whereas panic attacks are sometimes due to some fear. Both are very dangerous for the body. times of India According to the news, both panic and anxiety attacks are bad for our heart, they have a direct effect on the heart. However, there are some home remedies with the help of which you can get relief from them in no time.

do breathing exercises
If you are such a person who suddenly starts feeling nervous or anxious, then in such a situation it becomes very difficult to express yourself and express your views. At such a time, the intensity of your thinking increases and many types of thoughts start coming in your mind. If you regularly do meditation and breathing exercises, then with this you can control your thoughts. However, they will not work in times of panic. You have to adopt some other methods to get relief from anxiety and panic

shake the body
When you experience anxiety, your body goes into a fight mode due to the production of chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol. You feel yourself frozen. In this way you can shake your body. You can literally remove anxiety from your body by moving your body parts. When there is tension, move your arms and legs, also move your neck and shoulders. Keep your hands in the waist and rotate your body in a circular motion, this will give you relief. Along with this, you can also try to dance.

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use a fidget toy
In times of panic or anxiety attacks, you can also help a lot with fidget toys. You should invest on some toys like Infinity Cube, Legos, Silicone Decompression. Playing with all these toys requires attention, so if you are panic and use them then your mind will also be diverted. These toys will also help in keeping you worry-free.

eat sour when having an attack
You can use some sour substances to keep yourself free from stress during anxiety and panic attacks. If you consume a sour substance like lemon during stress or when you are worried, then it diverts you from that worry and draws attention to the taste. If you do not like lemon, you can use any other candy.

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dipping your face in cold water
The easiest way to get relief from anxiety and panic attacks is to use cold water. For this you will need a bowl. Fill it with cold water and then dip your face in it. After dipping the face, pat it lightly. This will make you feel relaxed and distract you from the stressful thoughts. You have to keep your face and forehead immersed in cold water for about 30 seconds. You have to repeat this process about 5-6 times. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which relaxes your mind and body.

lie upright on a cold floor
Whenever you are worried or feeling stressed, you should lie down on a cold floor. A cool floor can help you feel comfortable. The touch of a cold floor will help take the worry out of your mind. After lying on the floor, you can take deep breaths through your mouth. Deep breathing will relieve you of stress and you will feel yourself already stable.

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