Papaya is eaten both raw or cooked, this is the journey of this fruit to reach India as a ‘panacea’ for the stomach.

You must have heard the name of papaya fruit. It is a fruit that can be eaten both in raw and ripe state. Both have a lot of qualities. Papaya is most beneficial for the stomach, apart from this it has other properties. The special thing is that papaya is not an Indian fruit and it has entered India in the 16th century. But today most of the papaya in the world is grown in India.

Neither in Ayurveda texts nor in literature there is description of papaya.
There is neither information about papaya in ancient scriptures and Ayurveda texts of India nor is there any account about its merits and demerits. The great Sanskrit poet Kalidas composed the epic ‘Meghdoot’ in the 3rd-4th century. In this composition, information about many types of flowers and herbs etc. has been given in addition to the forests of mango, berries, etc., through the clouds. But there is no legend about papaya. It is clear from this that this fruit is not very old for India. By the way, the tree in which papaya grows, in fact it is not a tree but a huge plant and it does not even have a wooden trunk. Its specialty is that it grows very fast.

The tree in which papaya grows, in fact it is not a tree but a huge plant and it does not even have a wooden trunk.

The roots of this fruit are associated with America and Mexico
Let us tell you where this beneficial fruit originated. In the investigation, we found that the study of its history and origin is limited and there is no foolproof information in which century this fruit originated. But it is clear that the native home of papaya is tropical America and Mexico. But there is a lack of accurate information about when he was born there. But by the 14th-15th centuries it had spread throughout Central and South America and was mostly eaten as a snack. It is also used in salads, pies, sorbets, juices and confectionery. According to him papaya seeds reached other countries and it started flourishing there.

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Papaya came to India in the 16th century
According to the information received, the Spanish brought its seeds to Asia around the 16th century, from there it reached India. From here it was sent to China and Italy. Now papaya is a well-known fruit all over the world and in almost all tropical regions of the Pacific Islands. You may be surprised to read this that now India is the largest producer of papaya in the world. About 35 percent of the world’s papaya is being produced in India. In fact, many states of India are tropical and the soil there is suitable for papaya, so the production of this fruit is increasing continuously in India. According to the National Horticulture Board, Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of papaya, followed by Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


At present, about 35 percent of the world’s papaya is being produced in India.

This exotic fruit is rich in minerals and energy
Talking about the properties of papaya, it can be eaten in both raw and ripe state and both its forms are beneficial and prevent diseases. According to Acharya Balkrishna, papaya has so many minerals, vitamins, proteins, energy etc. that it proves beneficial for many diseases. Papaya is bitter by nature, hot, pungent, phlegm and vata reducer and also easily digestible. The unripe fruit of papaya is slightly bitter and sweet. And the ripe fruit is sweet, reduces pitta, reduces pain of inflammation, reduces vata as well as purifies the blood.

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Panacea for the digestive system, but do not overeat
According to dietician and Yogacharya Rama Gupta, papaya is a panacea for the stomach and digestive system. It does not allow constipation and gives benefit in the problem of piles. It also digests the food easily. Papaya juice kills stomach worms. Papaya also protects the intestines from serious diseases. It also keeps the liver healthy. Papaya contains a substance called papain which helps in cooking the non-veg dish. That’s why raw papaya is put in a heavy dish of mutton-chicken to melt it and digest it later. If we talk about the damage, papaya is mostly cooked with chemicals (carbide). Due to which most of its properties are affected. Therefore, consumption of such papaya should be avoided. If you eat more papaya then there may be allergy problem and if you are suffering from diabetes then sugar can get disturbed.

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